Who is Patrick Zaki and why is he in prison in Egypt?

Who is Patrick Zaki and why is he in prison in Egypt?
Who is Patrick Zaki and why is he in prison in Egypt?

More than a year has now passed since the young student of the University of Bologna, Patrick Zaki, is in prison in Egypt (specifically in Cairo).

Stopped by the Egyptian authorities on February 7, 2020 on the basis of an arrest warrant dating back to the previous year, the boy was returning to his native country when he was incarcerated. The case received a ‘not indifferent media attention in Italy, even within politics.

Let’s see who is Patrick Zaki in detail e because he is in prison to Cairo.

Who is Patrick Zaki?

Patrick George Zaki is a 29-year-old Egyptian student who was engaged in a post-graduate course in Bologna relating to gender and women’s studies. Parallel to the student path, Patrick Zaki has been for many years human rights activist at the forefront.

In addition, the boy also held the role of organizer in the presidential election campaign of his native country in 2018 in favor of Khaled Ali, revealing a strong political activism.

In Italy, moreover, the boy worked for the organization Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) as a researcher on human and gender rights.

What is Patrick Zaki accused of

Patrick Zaki is accused of terrorism and defamation of the state through the use of the mass media: this is why he is in prison. Despite the numerous requests for release, to date, it is not known for sure when Patrick Zaki will be released.

The Egyptian regime (the student’s native country) is extremely strict on issues of state defamation. Zaki is accused, in this sense, of having published false news on his social networks with the ultimate aim of disturb the social peace of the country.

As reported by theAmnesty International, for harming the state and national interests, Zaki risks having to remain in prison also throughout the next decade and beyond.

The arrest of Patrick Zaki

Patrick was arrested on February 7, 2020 while returning home during a vacation trip and a break between studies.

During his captivity for subversive propaganda which has lasted for more than a year now, there have been many mobilizations to request the Egyptian government to release the activist boy.

For the time being, the Egyptian court judges have ruled that pre-trial detention will be extended by another 45 days. For this reason, the future of the activist student is still uncertain, but for now it seems to continue to foresee the prolonged prison.

What Europe and Italy say about Patrick Zaki

Not long ago the motion concerning the request to give a was presented in the Senate Patrick Zaki Italian citizenship.

This motion, presented by Senator Francesco Verducci, met 208 votes in favor, no votes against and 33 abstentions belonging to the group of Brothers of Italy. In the text it was required to to urge release of the young political activist with diplomatic relations to be undertaken with the Egyptian government.

In this sense, even Europe, according to the laws for the protection of human rights in countries where violations still persist today, it has been particularly active. In October last year, twenty-six MEPs had also written to the Italian embassy in Cairo to start diplomatic relations.

Patrick Zaki and the city of Bologna

June 16 will be the birthday of Patrick Zaki.

On that occasion, as a commemorative expression of solidarity with the young activist and university student of the city, one of his will appear in Bologna blow-up under the arcades ranging from Zaragoza to the arch of Meloncello.

A gesture to remember, that of Bologna towards Patrick Zaki; a gesture not to forget his story and that of all those who are the subject of crimes of expression that still persist, even in the second twenty years of 2000.

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