“Too risky to make the tables” – Corriere.it

“Too risky to make the tables” – Corriere.it
“Too risky to make the tables” – Corriere.it

ROMA – “But what are we talking about?” Flown to Great Britain for the G7 of health ministers, Roberto Speranza is working on key issues such as vaccines and green passes and seems not to hear the echoes of the controversy over the number of patrons who can sit at the table in Italian restaurants. A quarrel that, in addition to generating confusion and annoyance between citizens and economic operators, embarrasses and divides the government, so much so that the minister of Leu tries to distance himself: “It is not a central question, making a case of it would be madness”.

To collaborators and majority exponents who call him in view of today’s technical meeting, the Minister of Health reminds him that only for two days (June 1, ed) the reopening of the indoor rooms has started and it would not be prudent to return “immediately” to set tables: «The rules are those that everyone knows, we will gradually overcome them …». The first step will be to drop the limit of four people at the table in the white area, but only outdoors.

More than this Roberto Speranza does not concede because he fears that in closed rooms, where many diners sit at the same time, the risk of contagion is still too high. A position that the opening wing of the majority considers too severe.

The Minister of Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini is mediating, he hopes to convince the head of Health to soften what the force leader Roberto Occhiuto dubbed as “rigor regardless”. But Hope will not be at the table today, because he is busy in Great Britain, where he met former British Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday.

At Oxford University, the Italian minister will have bilaterals with his German and French counterparts, Jens Spahn and Olivier Véran, will take stock of the Covid emergency with European Commissioner Stella Kyriakides and for the first time will meet Xavier Becerra, Joe Biden’s Minister of Health . Among the objectives that Speranza is working towards is the possibility of ensuring that the Italian green pass is accepted, to begin with, in the United States, Canada and Japan and that tourists arriving from those countries can be welcomed in Italy thanks to their green certifications. A goal that in these hours pushes Speranza much more than the 4 seats at the table.

Yet in Italy the issue engages technicians and politicians. If it is crazy for Speranza to make a case, for Massimiliano Fedriga “it is crazy to impose the limit of 4 people even in the white zone” and even Minister Gelmini believes it is wrong to apply the restrictions of the regions in the yellow band to white people. This is how Matteo Salvini, Matteo Renzi, the governors led by Massimiliano Fedriga and many members of the Democratic Party see it. Yet, although the opening front is convinced that it is in tune with Palazzo Chigi, Speranza does not feel isolated or surrounded and, in the telephone calls between London and Rome, plays down: “But what are we talking about? The rules are those that everyone knows, we have not made new ones ».

Restaurants, the new rules

Go on like this, then. At least until, perhaps in the next few hours, the government adjusts the game and decides to liberalize restaurant tables in areas where the risk of contagion is lower. And therefore everyone is free outdoors in the white area, indoors instead it will continue for some time with the limit of 4 patrons per table. This is the mediation that Hope would be ready to accept. And there is another mess that the technical table will have to face today, that of weddings. After the ballet on the green pass yes or no, now the crux is the controls: who checks if the guests have the immunity certificate in their pocket? For the Privacy Guarantor only the police can do it, but supervising all parties is practically impossible.

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