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Barring sudden accelerations in the next nine days, they will start and maybe play the whole of Europe with a small worm in the head, the one linked to their future. Because not all the blues know for sure which shirt they will wear next season. There are even those who, after June 30, will be … unemployed or rather Gigio Donnarumma, expiring with Milan. But, do not worry, there is a risk that the goalkeeper from Castellammare di Stabia will be left without a team in 2021-22 there are none. Phenomena do not stand by and watch.

The Donnarumma thorn

Donnarumma told people close to him and the other Azzurri that he was calm even if he did not know his future destination. In fact, he hoped to reach his first European with some more certainty. Especially after qualifying for the Champions League, Milan expected a relaunch instead, after that the push and pull with Raiola, he did not put on the plate either the 10 million net for the doorman or the commission for the agent. Now Gigio is forced to wait for the waltz of the benches to be completed first (we are almost there) and then maybe he will know something more. The options are more or less the same notes for a few days, namely Juventus, which however has Szczesny, Barcelona, ​​which instead has Ter Stegen under contract, and PSG, which has renewed with Navas. Without Covid, he probably would have already signed (and for some time), while now he is in limbo … like any other free agent. However, it has an advantage that is Raiola as an attorney. Rest assured that a surprise shot will pull him out, maybe soon.

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Italy, what elegance with the Armani uniform!

Outdoors with suitcase

We refer to Florenzi it’s at Emerson Palmieri, whose names have been circulating frequently for some market sessions. PSG has not yet redeemed the Roma player and, by negotiating Hakimi with Inter, it does not seem willing to do so. Inevitable the return to the court of Mourinho where, however, he will be passing through because he is not part of the plans also due to a net salary of 4 million. An option for him could be Juventus, while Inter, to whom he has been proposed, does not seem interested. Thanks to the European showcase and the discreet vintage with PSG, however, Florenzi has a market abroad, especially in Spain. Emerson instead he comes from a season in which he has taken away a few personal satisfactions: 789 ‘on the pitch with just 15 appearances, 2 in the Premier League. He has only one year on his contract and zero chance of staying. It is a hot name more for Inter than for Napoli, especially now that Conte has left the Pinetina. To their former employee Abramovic and the Granovskaia a favor they would never do. Having said that, the evaluation that the European Blues champions make of it remains high (15-20 million) and the salary (4) does not help.

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The blues on the pitch after the official call-ups

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