here is the symptom that condemns you – Libero Quotidiano

here is the symptom that condemns you – Libero Quotidiano
here is the symptom that condemns you – Libero Quotidiano

Get infected after doing the coronavirus vaccine it is difficult but not impossible. So you have to be careful not to manifest these four symptoms following vaccination: difficulty in breathing, earache, enlarged glands e sneezing, repeatedly, as happens with the classic seasonal allergies. If they show up it is advisable to do a swab, since it could be Covid-19. A study by King’s College London, reported on The newspaper, confirms that you can get infected even after being vaccinated and in all cases these anomalous symptoms are reported for the coronavirus.

In short, those who take Covid after the vaccine have different symptoms than those who get sick from not vaccinated. Controlled people were 70% less likely to have a fever and 55% less likely to experience fatigue than those who had not been vaccinated. Out of 1.1 million users, after the first dose of the vaccine, 2,400, therefore 0.2%, were infected. Out of half a million people tested, 187 tested positive a few weeks after the second dose.

Second Sergio Abrignani, full professor of general pathology at the State University of Milan, the vaccines currently available offer protection ranging from 60% of AstraZeneca to beyond 90% in the case of drugs developed by Pfizer-Biontech and yes Modern. This means that, even after the double vaccination, there is a quota of people who can get sick once they come into contact with the virus.

It is only a probability, which can concern approximately 10% of those who have been immunized with an mRna vaccine and between 30 and 40% of the people who will have received the double dose of AstraZeneca. The effectiveness of these drugs, however, is not in question. Especially in the case of those with mRna, the data collected in clinical studies and those that are emerging from the vaccination campaign conducted in Israel highlight how anti-Covid vaccines are able to protect the population.

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symptom condemns Libero Quotidiano

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