“Procured pandemic”. The first suspects are coming. Hope (also) trembles

“Procured pandemic”. The first suspects are coming. Hope (also) trembles
“Procured pandemic”. The first suspects are coming. Hope (also) trembles

It will be a long hot summer. According to a source close to the Prosecutor’s Office investigating for culpable epidemic, from the desks of the Bergamo magistrates pool coordinated by Maria Cristina Rota, recently returned from a period of vacation, a flurry of warranties would be ready to leave in days. The hypothesis on which the Prosecutor’s Office led by Antonio Chiappani would be working revolves around an EU directive, the 1082 of 2013 and ratified in the Official Gazette by the then Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, which obliges Italy “to develop a generic preparation plan to serious cross-border threats that could constitute an international health emergency ”.

An obligation which, this is the hypothesis of the prosecutors, ministers and managers of the Ministry of Health would have escaped, but also those who should have translated the guidelines into regional operational plans. The target would be Lorenzin herself, Giulia Grillo and Roberto Speranza, holders of the department since 2014, Claudio D’Amario and his predecessor as head of Prevention Ranieri Guerra (already investigated for false statements to prosecutors on the WHO report disappeared for political implications negative on Italy), the director of the ISS Silvio Brusaferro and the head of the cabinet of Speranza Goffredo Zaccardi, heard in recent days and whose chats have been sifted through, and the councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera, of whom the Finance has already acquired integral chats from February to June 2020. It is the same trend that the former Lombard general director of health Luigi Cajazzo is investigating. On the table the lack of “red zone” in Val Seriana and the sudden reopening, on February 23, 2020, of the emergency room of the Alzano Lombardo hospital, where the first positive cases in the area had been discovered. The former medical director of the Alzano hospital, already heard by the prosecutors, will be a civil party and the Agi points the finger at Pirellone and Minister Speranza. Because it was he who closed the Pesenti Fenaroli because of the presence of two Covid patients who later died. But the decision to reopen a few hours later was “an order from company and regional top management,” says Marzulli, who chose to be defended by the team of lawyers led by Consuelo Locati who protects the families of 500 victims of the Bergamo area. The hypothesis of the prosecutor is that that decision triggered the devastating outbreak of the Val Seriana. A “biological bomb”, as Ranieri Guerra defined it in his interview with the Giornale, which in his opinion were also affected by campaigns such as BergamoNonSiFerma, or the Atalanta-Valencia match, “events that amplified the transmission of the virus”.

Is there a correlation between these decisions and the lack of a pandemic plan? Could the 2006 one signed by Francesco Storace still be activated? What is certain is that doctors in hospital wards in the Bergamo and Bresciano areas visited Covid patients without adequate personal protective equipment that had to be stored as a precaution, hundreds of people died at home without adequate care because the beds in the intensive therapies. The question that resounds in the Prosecutor’s Office is: could the chain of negligence behind the failure to draft the plan save some of the 126 thousand lives that were killed by the virus?


Procured pandemic suspects coming Hope trembles

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