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Bologna, 3 June 2021 – 2 I left home at 5, at the end of the curfew, and I arrived at the Fair at 5.30: they were already there hundreds of people and I discovered with the numbers not of the Ausl, but of self-management, that I had 683 people in front of me. My adventure lasted until 8.45, when, after the crush that broke out, I left without being vaccinated “. Galeazzo Bignami, a member of the Brothers of Italy, in the guise of witness of the unease in front of the Fair, is a river in flood.

“The incredible queue, then overtaken by the smart ones who arrived and, with various excuses, they stood in front of the entrance to the hub excluding the people there for hours, it developed with the building of the Department of Health on the left and the headquarters of the Region behind me – continues the parliamentarian -. At one point, Governor Stefano Bonaccini wrote a post on Facebook and many got angry, as they wrote in the comments. Less appearance and more substance would be needed “.

The situation that has arisen, “forty-year-old me and Emilia-Romagna politics I can’t accept it. I cannot conceive of non-organization for such an important day. “So he writes, Valentina Castaldini, parent company of Come on Italy in the Region, she too lined up. “It is not possible – he adds – in the Emilia-Romagna to which I am used to, that same Emilia-Romagna much praised by the president Stefano Bonaccini. Something has not worked so far. morning shows us that this is not the case none of the civil protection to help manage this situation, that Viale Aldo Moro had not foreseen such a crowd. Evidently this morning there was yet another error of assessment – he concludes -: I will ask for an account in the Health Commission “.

The long lines show a “Bologna capital of chaos” and the case will end up “on Minister Speranza’s table”. The words of Senator Enrico Aimi, regional coordinator of FI Emilia-Romagna: “But how can we spread the communication that is available to us in a sudden way? 1,200 doses of vaccine to those who present themselves without calculating the risks? I am really baffled. I will present a question to the Minister of Health to prevent certain blustering from being repeated “.

Not less lasts the League: “What happened at the Bologna Fair is truly incredible – write in a note the regional councilors Michele Facci and Daniele Marchetti, and the group leader in the City Council Francesca Scarano – and it is significant that the management of the vaccine plan by the Emilia-Romagna Region is currently absolutely inadequate. Thousands of people called for an open day of vaccination without rules and without control. The fact that the vaccine doses from an initial supply of 1,200 have almost tripled is the confirmation of the precariousness of the administration system set up by the Region and the Ausl: clearly there are thousands of expiring doses that risk going wasted, and for this reason they are literally put up for grabs as if it were a village festival “.

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