Juve-Allegri, today the first summit with the management

Juve-Allegri, today the first summit with the management
Juve-Allegri, today the first summit with the management

The coach will take stock of the transfer market: in the meantime he has already begun to rebuild the locker room, asking for the confirmations of all his loyalists

The road that leads to Continassa knows it well, even those who live in the offices of the Juventus headquarters. Massimiliano Allegri enjoyed a few days of relaxation after the strong emotions experienced over the weekend but today he will return to Turin to begin weaving the demanding canvas of Juventus to come. Max will be the helmsman again but he will not stop there, this time he will have a weight in transfer market decisions and today the first meeting with the Juventus management is scheduled to plan the next season together with Federico Cherubini, the new Juventus transfer man. Allegri has clear ideas about who should arrive but also who should stay. From the renewal (now only to be formalized) of Chiellini to the confirmation of Morata up to the stay of Dybala, the coach of the five championships in a row is building his dressing room. The hard core of the Lady knows him well, she knows what it means to work with him and she will be able to help new ones to enter into cheerful mode.


Chiellini has never been so close to leaving Juventus as this season, but Max’s return changed everything. Thus a renewal that was not at all obvious became a formality. Giorgio will make his last year as a player before moving behind the desk. He knows that he will not be able to play all the matches, Allegri will sip him to have him in the most important challenges and he will also need him in the locker room, to pass on to the new ones that Juventus DNA that has not always been seen in the last year. Chiellini has always been one of his loyalists, with Bonucci instead there have been some disagreements (the famous stool in Oporto) which, however, have not left any marks. Max and Leo have already spoken and the coach has collected the total availability of the second-in-command captain. Allegri also has an excellent relationship with Szczesny, whom he considers to be good and reliable. This is why Juventus after his return has slowed down on Donnarumma: not that the coach does not like the now former AC Milan player, but he would prefer to spend the money needed to pay Gigio’s salary (he would arrive for free as the contract expires) to reinforce other departments, for example the median.


Among Allegri’s untouchables is Bentancur, a player he weaned as soon as he arrived in Turin. He is betting on him to rebuild the most troubled department in Pirlo’s year. Benta for Max is a mezzala, not a play, and would also be perfect for playing in the middle two in the event of a 4-2-3-1. It will be more difficult to find a companion to support him with the characteristics of a director. Locatelli does not mind, but if he could choose he would bring Pjanic back home, despite the flop in the first season at Barça. Mire is another Allegri soldier who would be handy on the pitch and in the locker room. The two have always been in contact and have also felt in these days. The coach has already collected the player’s yes, but bringing him back to Turin is not an easy task, given that in the exchange with Arthur (whom Allegri does not see play) he was valued 60 million. The only way forward would be the loan, in case Barcelona (who have already taken Wijnaldum) want to get rid of it.


Waiting to know Cristiano Ronaldo’s thoughts on his future (it is no mystery that the Portuguese will decide whether to stay for his last year of contract or anticipate his farewell), Allegri’s first move was to ask for confirmation. by Morata. The Spaniard’s loan can be renewed for another year for 10 million: his season was two-sided, much better the first part of the second, but Max who launched him at Juventus considers him functional to his game and also a positive element. within the group. Finally, Dybala, who lived his most prolific season with Allegri (2017-18): the coach aims to keep him with the renewal of the contract (expiring in 2022, the negotiations have been stopped for months) to build the Juventus of the future around him.

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