Letta got it all wrong: check the top secret report

Letta got it all wrong: check the top secret report
Letta got it all wrong: check the top secret report

There is a detection top secret which explains very well the reason for the thud of Democratic party in the latest polls. The Italians reject no ifs and buts the three main crusades he is carrying out Enrico Letta: the Zan bill, the inheritance tax and the ius soli. The numbers are of total disrepair: over 60 percent are against the gag law which, disguising itself behind the fight against homotransphobia, introduces new and very heavy restrictions on freedom of thought; over 75 per cent, on the other hand, say “no” to the reintroduction of an unjust tax that aims to make money on the assets left to the heirs; finally, almost 70% oppose easy citizenship for the children of immigrants. Percentages that leave no doubt about how much the crush a is hurting the Democratic Party left dell’ex premier.

Listening to him every time he opens his mouth, it seems that Letta doesn’t notice how wrong she is. Yesterday again, guest of Non stop news on Rtl 102.5, has returned to hoist the banner of patrimonial. “In Italy the inheritance tax is totally minimal, it gives an annual revenue of less than a billion while in France the revenue is 14 billion”, argued the secretary dem. “I find it quite unbelievable that there is not, especially for the richest wealth”. His (stated) goal is to go and track down whoever he had “the good fortune to be born into a rich family” to facilitate those who have had “the misfortune of being born into a poor family”. And, although he continues to reiterate that reintroduce this fee, which twenty years ago had been struck out from the center-right, should not be seen as “a scandal”, the Italians do not agree with him at all.

A recent report, which ilGiornale.it was able to view exclusively, it demonstrates, numbers in hand, how disliked this proposal is which would contribute to further raise the tax burden in our country. By analyzing the posts and related comments produced in the week from 25 to 31 May, “a prevalence of negative sentiment emerges (76.59%) compared to the share of positive sentiment, which emerged in 23.41%” samples. Not only. Scrolling through the words used most frequently by users in relation to this topic on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook clearly reveals the uncertainty towards the immediate future. In the “cloud”, alongside assets, taxes and money, we find layoffs, taxes and suns. “It is an act of self-harm that ends up creating a climate of distrust and barrier in the relationship with the productive middle class”, had admitted in recent days the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca. Even the former Renzians of Riformista Base think the same way. “So far the ‘flags’ we have planted – other dems have also admitted – have been useless …”.

Surely the inheritance tax is the most unpopular battle among those that Letta has decided to enter. However, it is not the only one. Also it only right, already rejected in the past by the Italians, finds a lot of resistance in the report that was produced in recent days. Indeed, “a prevalence of negative sentiment (67.52%) compared to the share of positive sentiment that emerged in 32.48% of comments and posts analyzed”. It gets a little less worse if we look there sentiment analysis on the Zan bill: negative posts and comments are 63.13% against 36.87% of positives. These percentages explain why the Democratic Party has been losing ground in the polls of recent weeks. The result, after months of relentless pursuit, was the definitive overtaking of the Brothers of Italy. Giorgia Meloni’s party is, in fact, now given by everyone behind (by now only a little) to the League, while the dem are no longer so glued to the psychological threshold of 20%.

After the second place in Fdi, Letta will sooner or later have to deal with the discontent of hers. “Letta is running around in circles – confided in recent days a big player from the Nazarene a Italy today – we risk losing the centrist electorate who wants us to be supporters of the Draghi government without gaining anything on the left “. The showdown, however, has already been set: the municipal elections to be held next October. “If we do not at least conquer the capital – is the warning launched – Letta could return to Paris”.

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