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Pass Covid in the world: how it could work

Pass Covid in the world: how it could work
Pass Covid in the world: how it could work

The European Green Pass is about to start. However, the rest of the world is also ready to adopt a Covid pass that allows safe travel. Precisely for this reason we have decided to explain to you how it could work in non-EU countries.

Many countries outside Europe and many airlines are, in fact, working to develop so-called passports for the Covid-19 vaccine. Systems that would allow travelers to use mobile phone applications to prove they have been vaccinated, which could help them avoid quarantine requirements in their destinations.

Covid pass in the United States

In the United States, for example, vaccination passports are already in the pipeline and would add a digital layer to applications that already exist and are used to monitor health contact tracking from viruses. However, their use at the national level to reopen local economies has been hotly debated. But despite this at this exact moment there is even more propensity to use them, especially for international travel as several countries, such as Iceland, have opened or are opening their borders to vaccinated visitors. While other countries like Saudi Arabia are starting to allow vaccinated citizens to travel abroad. The same decision taken by the EU, namely that of opening the borders to fully vaccinated travelers.

The European Union, China and Japan and the United States are therefore already working on digital vaccination certificates. The UK, meanwhile, has updated its NHS application to allow fully vaccinated users to demonstrate this when traveling abroad.

New York also launched a vaccination passport with the name of “Excelsior Pass”, an application that allows you to show that you have been vaccinated for Covid or that you have tested negative. A tool, therefore, that will lead to access to events and trips. All via a QR code.

Cuba also launches the Covid Pass

Cuba is also working on a Covid Pass. Allan Pierra Fuentes, director of the Technological Support Center, reported that the University of Informatics (UCI) is managing the creation of the Cuban Covid-19 digital passport.

He said that in order to arrive at this project, different versions of the digital vaccination passports that exist around the world were analyzed in the trial phase.

Lo IATA Travel Pass

But not only that, airlines are also experimenting with a Covid Pass. It is called IATA Travel Pass and it has been joined by many carriers such as Qantas, Japan Airlines, Emirates, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic and also our Neos. In fact, travelers can already use the application to verify that the results of their Covid-19 tests are accepted at their destination. However, these are some of the news since, not so long ago, we already told you about which other countries in the world are adopting this system for traveling.

The point now is to understand what will happen when summer arrives, that period in which there will be the boom in departures. Above all, it will be important to understand whether the codes of the individual applications will be readable everywhere, or whether a common technological standard must be adopted. Another hot topic is the way i personal data will be processedi to safeguard privacy. Without forgetting the social risks: according to the WHO, in fact, the adoption of Green Passes could fuel inequalities, discriminating against citizens of countries that do not have the means and facilities to vaccinate at the same speed as Westerners.

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