Lazio, the vaccine from the doctor is booked on the web. AstraZeneca open day for another 11 thousand

Lazio, the vaccine from the doctor is booked on the web. AstraZeneca open day for another 11 thousand
Lazio, the vaccine from the doctor is booked on the web. AstraZeneca open day for another 11 thousand

The program vaccine of the region Lazio continues to travel fast and on the double track. On the one hand, the push for the hubs of “open day”Which continues with another 11 thousand doses of AstraZeneca. On the other hand, the inclusion in the regional platform which, after the pharmacies, from tomorrow will include the list of general practitioners. The goal, as announced by Pisana, is to expand the audience of vaccinators as soon as possible. A necessary measure in anticipation of the recall at the third dose. And a measure to recover the “undecided” of the vaccine.

THE NEW LIST – This is not an absolute novelty: the 2,500 family doctors were involved in the first phase of the program. Called on the front line for the administration of Pfizer to over 80s and frail patients. Now, according to the plan, they will be able to vaccinate all patients between the bands opened by the Region and will be able to request doses of Moderna, AstraZeneca and the single-dose of Johnson & Johnson. Again, a lot will depend on the slots available. «The launch on the regional platform is scheduled for June 4 – confirms Pier Luigi Bartoletti, secretary of Fimmg – we are also ready because we are already committed on this front. In this case – he explains – if the patient does not find the name of his doctor, he can book the dose in the ASL of reference “. An “open list” therefore that can also be used for booking the recall. Even if the available doses remain unknown: «Pisana’s goal in the coming months is to reduce the influx of hubs that was necessary to speed up the program. There will be a turnaround in the coming months. Even if, for the near future, we will have to understand what will happen with the variants, in particular the Indian one, which in England is infecting many vaccinated ».

L’ASTRA – WEEK – Meanwhile, the sold out of the “band” of high school students continues. On Tuesday, 17 thousand of them were vaccinated in the 70 hubs: from the Cloud at Prima Porta to Termini, the very young were sold out. Just as it was expected because reservations shot up as soon as registration was opened. With the program for 18-year-olds that will end today: “There was a great participation of the children,” commented the councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato. While yesterday was the first day of the open week dedicated to over 18s with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

I POSTI – The places available were all sold out, 50 thousand doses. But a new appointment has already been organized for next weekend. Between 5 and 6 June it will be possible to book with another 11 thousand ampoules of Astrazeneca. Also in this case, the virtual ticket on the “Ufirst” app will be forwarded after registering on the portal of the Region. Tickets will be released starting tomorrow Thursday 3 June. Finally, this morning the first meeting between the Region and pediatricians is scheduled: in charge of proceeding with the vaccinations of the under 18s. After the approval of the EMA, the Pfizer will be administered to the age group between 12 and 16 years. In this case, however, the reservation will not “go” through the portal of the Region.

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Lazio vaccine doctor booked web AstraZeneca open day thousand

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