Interest-bearing bonds from the Post Office: the June yield

Interest-bearing bonds from the Post Office: the June yield
Interest-bearing bonds from the Post Office: the June yield

Post office savings bonds: is it worth investing now, in June 2021, and on which ones specifically? Let’s understand more

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June has begun and many want to know if this will be a good month for the interest-bearing bonds from the post office, an investment that tempts. Thus, if today there is a very advantageous purchase opportunity on the euro-dollar, postal vouchers should not be neglected either.

Although we will find that the yield will not be very high yet, these continue to attract the attention and pleasure of investors, because they are part of a project of the state and it has no costs for subscription and redemption.

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What can the Poste interest-bearing bonds give us

Products guaranteed by the State therefore, and with a subsidized taxation of 12.50%, plus the exemption from inheritance tax. In short, these aspects should not be underestimated, but where to invest specifically, for June 2021? Meanwhile, with regard to interest-bearing bonds and post offices, read these deadlines again, they may interest you.

Returning to current events, the best we can find are the 4×4 per investments up to 16 years. Gross annual effective yield at maturity of 0.20% at the end of the fourth year, then 0.30% at the end of the eighth. At the end of the course, they will be 0.75%. And to think that with Banco Posta’s official website or application, a few steps online are enough to subscribe to a voucher.

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Alternatively, there are the 3×4 of Post, similar way of investing in the most convenient interest-bearing bonds of the moment. For June, the odds say this. At the end of the third year, we will already have a comforting 0.10%, with 0.20% instead, at the end of the sixth. And then, for the end of the ninth year, 0.30% and finally, 0.50% at the end of the twelfth year. For both investments, the reimbursement can be requested at any time we decide, but the return of the invested capital takes place only after 3.6 and 9 years.

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