Limit of 4 people at the table, the Regions “surprised” by the government. Today technical table

Limit of 4 people at the table, the Regions “surprised” by the government. Today technical table
Limit of 4 people at the table, the Regions “surprised” by the government. Today technical table

Rome, 3 June 2021 – The discussion between government and regions on the limit of 4 seats at the table in restaurants also in white area resumes this morning with a technical table, where the question relating to the rule and its interpretation will still be addressed, but other details regarding the white zones will also be addressed, government sources say. The Regions remained “surprises “, given the collaborative climate, for the interpretation of the rule “in autonomous way“from the government.

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The regions, in the guidelines, had relaunched the tables, and the silence of the CTS seemed to be a concession, but later the Minister of Health intervened Roberto Speranza with a clarification that has curbed the enthusiasm: “in the activities of catering services, table consumption is allowed for a maximum of 4 people per table, unless they are all living together”. A clarification plunged like a boulder on the catering programs that anxiously awaited the white area and its openings. Too restrictive an interpretation, the Regions would have pointed out immediately.

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Then on Monday evening the talks between the president of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, and the Minister for Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, seemed to revive the hope of a resolution of the problem on interpretation: the maximum limit of 4 people, unless they are cohabitants, should be applied ‘only in yellow zone’ (Article 27 DPCM March 2, 2021). So in the second white zone, this is the interpretation of the legislative office of the Ministry of Regional Affairs, this restriction should to be considered outdated.

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“The hypothesis of a limit of 4 indoors has not been officially proposed to the Regions and is not matched. In the interlocutions last night (Monday, ed) it was pointed out that, considering how the decisions taken up to now (guidelines in the first place) have always been shared in an absolutely collaborative climate and institutional respect, it was surprising that the interpretation of the government on the issue took place independently “, the sources of the Regions announced on Tuesday.

And several members of the center-right also contested the restrictive interpretation of the rule. From Salvini to Gasparri, the invitation to Hope is “to avoid la ridiculous limitation of the four at the table at the restaurant that at least in the white areas no longer makes sense “, the leader of the League told reporters yesterday. Anna Maria Bernini, Forza Italia leader in the Senate spoke of “a measure frankly excessive and illogical, so I hope it will be canceled immediately so as not to create further difficulties for restaurateurs already heavily penalized ”.

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The Undersecretary of Health is also in favor of reviewing the limit of 4 at the table in the white areas, Andrea Costa: “We absolutely must give the citizens perspectives and we must consider the yellow areas differently from the white ones. At least for outdoor restaurants in the white area we come to remove the bond the maximum limit of four people at the table: it would be a first sign of relaxation. “In addition, the Undersecretary for Health Pierpaolo Sileri, yesterday guest at ‘Un Giorno da Pecora’ on Radio1, he said: “Now the limit is set at four, for greater safety, but I hope it will be reviewed soon because it is clearly very restrictive. I am among those who were for the increase of seats at the table, frankly I would increase them to 8-10, and then I would liberalize them from the beginning of July, when we should have over 30 million people with the first dose of the vaccine “.

Coldiretti also protests: the limit of seats at the table is a safety measure that has repercussions on the need for conviviality of the Italians after months of lockdown and however also weighs on the catering income, after the loss of 41 billion in the year of the pandemic.

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