Denise Pipitone, the testimony of Jessica Pulizzi’s ex-boyfriend: “Did you kill it in chidda?”

Denise Pipitone, the testimony of Jessica Pulizzi’s ex-boyfriend: “Did you kill it in chidda?”
Denise Pipitone, the testimony of Jessica Pulizzi’s ex-boyfriend: “Did you kill it in chidda?”

Fabrizio, the ex-boyfriend of Jessica Pulizzi, is the protagonist of the investigations of the police into the disappearance of Denise Pipitone and yesterday’s report on Chi visto ?. It all starts with an interception in which he says to her “There you killed him a chidda?”.

Denise Pipitone, the testimony of Jessica Pulizzi’s ex-boyfriend

In the interception the two are in a countryside and were about to seclude themselves. At the trial, Jessica always said that she was referring to chickens: in fact, in that cottage you had to climb over a wall and jump into the hens, with the danger of crushing some of them. But in his first statements to the investigators, Fabrizio himself excluded the presence of hens. In addition, as the lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta had already pointed out during the trial, Jessica’s ex asks her “did you kill a chidda?” before the girl climbs over the gate. Therefore “chidda” could not refer to a hen.

The story of the broadcast begins on January 14, 2006, when Fabrizio ends up in front of the carabinieri. And he says he has known Jessica for years, had a relationship with her until 2003. But he hasn’t talked to her since he ended up with her. Even after Denise’s disappearance. Then we talk about Gabriele Ghaleb, Jessica’s new boyfriend. But then the wiretapping, which dates back to December 2004, or three months after Denise’s disappearance, denies him. And then he admits he met Jessica in 2004 and says that that morning they met near a friend’s oven before going to a friend’s house.

On this occasion he asks her about Denise because she had expressed intentions of revenge against Piera Maggio, including the possibility of burning her car: “I noticed that she was ready to carry out acts against Piera Maggio because he had ruined her family. slut, whore, whore“. But in the trial Fabrizio changes his version and says that Jessica never mentioned Piera Maggio. In the 2006 minutes there is no mention of hens, and when he goes back to telling Fabrizio he asks Jessica how he goes:” Just as I suffered, now the others suffer. “, she says to him. There he pronounces the sentence:” Ce him amazzasti a chidda? “, but in the testimony he says he does not remember what they were referring to.

“Jessica was ready to take action against Piera Maggio”

Fabrizio tells of the two of them entering the house. But this denies him at trial and when the judge points out the contradiction he says he doesn’t remember. And he claims he got confused. The story of the ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, is different in the testimony: she says that she dated some people because of him, she started to cry and told him that since he had left her he was no longer in his head. Fabrizio says that it is almost a confession and that is why they have not had sexual intercourse. But from that moment on he is afraid of what he heard: “I got scared, we left … am I talking about confession? Already telling him that he talks to me about this whore that my family breaks up… are confessions better than this? “. But, Fabrizio specifies, from this it is not clear that she had” committed something “.

Meanwhile, the magistrates are re-examining the old investigation and have returned to investigate, seventeen years after the disappearance of the little girl from Mazara del Vallo, to understand if there were any misdirections or errors that occurred in the first days of the investigation. “I have been a suffering mother for 17 years – said Piera Maggio, present at the press conference to present the proposal to set up a commission of inquiry into the disappearance of the child -. Today I can say that the State finally exists, we ask the State. to shed light on the story. My little girl, now ‘the daughter of Italy’, has been snatched from her parents, her habits, her loved ones. We have been living an ordeal for 17 years and we are still here fighting for her – explained the woman. – A child cannot be harmed for personal retaliation: Denise did not disappear by herself, did not evaporate or was kidnapped by aliens, but was taken by a cowardly hand that taken away from our love “.

From that day on, the two will never see each other again. Although she keeps looking for him: she calls her mother to ask for his new number, but she doesn’t give it to him.

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