Restaurants, green light to outdoor tables and limited places indoors

Restaurants, green light to outdoor tables and limited places indoors
Restaurants, green light to outdoor tables and limited places indoors

The last tug-of-war between Regions e Ministry of Health is on tables al ristorante and on discos. The Ministry of Health reiterated that the limit of 4 diners is valid both indoors and outdoors and also in the white areas; the Regions reacted by contesting this indication. And for today a summit has been convened, requested by the Conference of the Regions, which, via videoconference, will also participate Roberto Speranza (Minister of Health) e Mariastella Gelmini (Regional Affairs).

The mediation that seemed plausible – off to the limit of tables but only outdoors in the white band – last night caused dissent from the Regions who made it known: we did not accept this compromise. As if to say: in the white areas the ban must be eliminated even indoors. The Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, opens: «I hope that the limit of 4 at the table will be exceeded soon».

SAME BEACH – The confrontation comes alive on the day when normality actually exploded. It is estimated that for the extra-large bridge of June 2 at least 9 million Italians have set out, while according to the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, the share of those who have already booked holidays has increased by 10 per cent. From Ostia to Argentario to Liguria, from Romagna to Salento: yesterday’s beaches and restaurants traveled back in time and filled up. “It looks like June 2, 2019,” say the operators. Which add an «almost» because to return to the “pre Covid” figures in beaches and bathing establishments we will have to wait for the arrival of foreign tourists (there are, but still with low numbers). Same images in the cities of art, starting from the capital.

PICTURES – The photo of the Trevi Fountain besieged by visitors was not so different from that of June 2, 2019. The Romans who decided to make a walk in the center. Here, then, are the long lines to enter some of the most popular large stores. Everywhere, at the sea and in the city, respect for distances and the use of masks are fluctuating, beyond a majority of Italians who still move within the fence of compliance with the anti Covid rules. The return to normal, however, exploded especially in the restaurant. In Ostia, Fregene, Fiumicino, to go up to Tuscany or move to Romagna, the locals often had to organize shifts between customers to please everyone. And above all to divide all customers into tables with no more than 4 people, as required by the rules also for regions in the white band.

THE SITUATION – In summary: the more cautious Ministry of Health confirmed this limit for everyone, both outdoors and indoors; the Ministry of Regional Affairs and the Regions are pressing to remove it in the white areas. Today, in the “technical table on the tables in restaurants”, present the various parties involved and the representatives of the CTS, we will also talk about discos, which can reopen, but only to operate as bars or restaurants because dancing is forbidden. The president of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, the other day proposed to allow the dances to those in possession of the green pass. Yesterday, the Undersecretary for Health, Andrea Costa, went further (even if this is not the government’s position): «Among the remaining issues to be addressed is that of discos: we cannot afford to approach the problem like last year. We must be consistent and serious, discos must be reopened to be able to go dancing and socialize. The criterion must be to monitor and track who enters “.

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