Violent movida in Palermo and Rome, bottles against the police

Violent movida in Palermo and Rome, bottles against the police
Violent movida in Palermo and Rome, bottles against the police

After the fights staged last Saturday, even after the curfew time in Rome and Naples, the violent nightlife returns to be seen, once again in the capital and in Palermo. And this time the police ended up in the crosshairs, made the subject of bottle throws and more in two similar episodes.

In the Sicilian capital the most serious attack: the policemen intervened last night to quell a fight between young people in the nightlife area and were hit by a throw of bottles. One of them was injured (he has a 15-day prognosis). The attack took place during a check on street vendors selling soft drinks in the Magione area. The police officers had invited the squatters to leave that area and stop selling beer and soft drinks but one of them tried to hit them with a scooter. Some young people also supported the squatters and one of them hit the agent with a bottle on the head while others started throwing bottles at the policemen. Violent scenes that have ended up in some videos that have been published on social networks.

“This is a cowardly attack made by criminals who we are identifying and who will receive what the law provides for these behaviors”, the comment of the police commissioner of Palermo Leopoldo Laricchia. “Unfortunately, the speech of the so-called malamovida is a problem that has been occurring and has been occurring for years in all Italian squares and is one of those problems that everyone is talking about who is on the spot are the police forces – he added – we need to understand how it is really difficult and often dangerous to intervene in contexts where thousands of people gather ”.

“The safety of the country and of men and women in uniform remains a priority. Strengthening the workforce and security safeguards, regulatory safeguards, and adequate equipment are now more necessary and necessary than ever », underlines Nicola Molteni, Undersecretary of the Interior. An incessant work by the police who also on Tuesday, in terms of checks on compliance with anti-covid rules, saw 67,561 people checked: 331 were sanctioned and 3 reported. In addition, 8,637 activities and commercial establishments were also checked: 20 sanctioned owners, 5 closures.

No different scenes, compared to what happened in Palermo, were recorded on Tuesday evening in Rome: a group of young people tried to oppose the police who intervened to stop a night gathering, beyond the curfew time, in the Campo de ‘area. flowers in Rome. Various objects were thrown at the agents. A fifteen-year-old was blocked in the stampede. The boy was denounced in a state of freedom for damage to state assets, resistance to a public official and dangerous throwing of things. He was then entrusted to his parents after he was also administratively sanctioned for violation of the anti-covid rules because he was found without a mask and beyond the “curfew” time.

With regard to him “the possible application of personal prevention measures, even if a minor, may also be verified, since his behavior may be considered a cause of danger”. In this sense, the new Quaestor of Rome Mario Della Cioppa has given “precise instructions to the Director of the Anti-Crime Division of the Police Headquarters so that any situation highlighted as dangerous, in the context of nightlife services, is subjected to the verification of the profile of the subjects who make responsible for violating the legislation for the application of preventive measures with the serious consequences that derive from them “. In short, a close on the violent nightlife.

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