GūD Milano dives into the Mysterious Baths

GūD Milan therefore signed the agreement with i Mysterious Baths, Part of Franco Parenti Theater directed by Andrée Ruth Shammah where it will manage the food & beverage offer and the related events. Eighth address after CityLife, Eustachi, Darsena, Central Station, Bocconi, Idroscalo and Beach, GūD Mysterious Baths inaugurated in May, with a proposal that covers from lunch to after dinner.

GUD this time he takes off his shoes and enthusiastically plunges into the summer: the protagonist of the new opening the scenographic swimming pool of the Mysterious Baths, returned to the city by Andrée Ruth Shammah in 2016. Liquid soul of the Franco Parenti Theater, the former Caimi Center with an elegant rationalist mold consists of 5000 square meters (between water, lawn and stone) ideal for having fun socializing in serenity.

GūD Milan, a group born in 2018, thanks to a format capable of shaping each room according to the needs of the chosen location, will manage in the new GūD Mysterious Baths 400 seats by the pool and 100 on an elevated terrace, from which to enjoy the sun setting over the city but also the shows organized in collaboration with the Franco Parenti Theater.

Colorful flip flops will solve the need to take off your shoes by the pool, while diligent shoeshines Artisan shop they will refurbish the footwear of those who wish it.

The food & drink proposal, designed by chef Stefano Cerveni (executive chef of the group) is the classic of GUD, founded on the two consolidated pillars, Buns from the long leavening organic dough e GūD Poke Bowl, the beloved rice bowls interpreted with Italian ingredients, to which dedicated dishes will be added. The service on the terrace will differ from that by the pool, with a more sophisticated proposal.

We are happy – explains Ugo Fava, founding member of GūD Milanoto share these spaces with a dynamic woman of the stature of Andreée Ruth Shammah and to have contributed with our experience in food & beverage to enhance a place that is a symbol of Milanese style, trend and culture, already so prestigious. A magical place to escape from everyday life and put summer on your feet”.

It GūD format

GUD it is declined differently depending on the location in which it is located, but with the common denominator of making those who frequent it feel good. A versatile concept capable of adapting to any situation, giving personality to the place, making it unique.

From breakfast to aperitif, GUD is the ideal and trendy address where to stop at various times of the day to eat something good and healthy, to meet friends in a cool and informal place, with a welcoming and friendly service. GUD is the informal but stylish break to indulge in every day, made of pop combinations and good ingredients, to make body and spirit feel good.

The concept of GūD Milan it is simple and revolves around the proposal designed by chef Stefano Cerveni, of the GūD Poke Bowl, healthy bowls of rice cooked with an oriental technique but seasoned with a Mediterranean twist, which they represent an all-made in Italy evolution of Japanese cirasci and Hawaiian poke and of Classic or gourmet focaccia, long leavening, with topping of first choice ingredients and also available in mini portions to serve as a snack to accompany any drink.

Chef Cerveni explains that “to meet the increasingly limited time requirements, but with the need to serve good, healthy and beautiful dishes, at the beginning of 2018 I studied the Italian Cirasci Bowl, which was born from the interpretation of the classic chirashi of Japanese cuisine, then evolved in the direction of Hawaiian Poke. We prepare Italian rice in the Carnaroli, wholemeal and basmati varieties, cooked with the sushi method and seasoned with raw materials from Italian, Mediterranean and international cuisine. The concept expresses contamination, seen as an evolution of street food with a basic and essential respect for our traditions and our products. Gluten-free product that sees in its proposals the possibility of having vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free recipes”.

Around GūD Poke Bowl and Focaccia Gourmet revolves a range of fun and delicious proposals, which personalize each place, from fried Tacos to Fish & Chips, from GūD What a soup! to GūD Fresh Salad, from Avo Toast to classic Pizzas. There is no shortage of craft beers, a few glasses of good wine from the cellar and a micro-list of Cocktails (GūD Spritz, GūD Mule, Sbagliatissimo GūD or GūD & Tonic), as well as smoothies and centrifuged. To make everyone happy.

And when you become attached to the product, you just have to take it home in the practical packages take away e delivery di GūD Bye, all in recyclable material such as straws, glasses and take-away containers.

I soci

Ugo Fava, Milanese doc, ski-mountaineer and surfer in his spare time, always in step with the times (perhaps a few steps forward), with his visionary flair pushes the team to realize original ideas, which almost always turn out to be a success. He takes care of all his premises with obsessive attention “because even music and lights make the mood of the place”. The energy that is created only in this way is for him an essential starting point for success.

Marco Giorgi, a tireless marathoner, from an early age he was a great “pain in the ass”, instead he was simply brilliant. As a true athlete he is tireless, capable of solving 55,187 problems per minute, and when he sets a goal, nothing can prevent him from reaching it. He is the mastermind of the administrative and organizational management of all the premises of the group.

Stefano Cerveni, chef originally from Rovato with a Michelin star for 10 years at Due Colombe. His soul is divided between the metropolitan city (where he is also executive of Osteria con Vista in Terrazza Triennale) and the hills of Franciacorta, but in his heart he wins the passion for cooking that he transmits in every dish – from the most elaborate to the simplest – and to all its collaborators.


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