“Go to the uncle”. I pm: “And he killed Saman”

“Go to the uncle”. I pm: “And he killed Saman”
“Go to the uncle”. I pm: “And he killed Saman”

There’s a chilling new chapter about Saman Abbas’s alleged disappearance, there 18enne pakistana resident in Novellara, in the province of Reggio Emilia, of which there has been no news since last April. The statements made by the girl’s younger brother to the prosecutor Laura Galli reinforce the hypothesis of murder and concealment of a corpse. But there is more. According to what Corriere della Sera reports, the young woman was handed over by her parents to her paternal uncle, probably the material perpetrator of the crime.

“Killed by the uncle”

Go to your uncle“, i would have told her parents, Shabbar Abbas, 46, and Nazia Shasheen, 43. Unaware that she would never return from that dirt path in Novellara, Saman obeyed orders. Therefore, it would have started along the provincial road that runs towards Guastalla to meet death. Her 33-year-old uncle, Danish Hasnain, was waiting for her at the bottom of the path: he would kill her and then bury her in some hidden place. Perhaps, thrown into a pigsty or down a well.

A disturbing scenario to say the least what emerges from the papers of the investigation relating to the disappearance of the 18-year-old Pakistani. In support of the new reconstruction there would be another video – in addition to the one already sent to the Reggio Public Prosecutor’s Office – in which Saman’s parents would be seen leaving the Novellara apartment together with their eldest daughter. A few minutes later, the couple would return home without their daughter. “IS in that short amount of time – the investigators hypothesize – that Saman would be killed by her uncle“The other three people involved in the events would have taken care to dig the grave where they would have buried the girl’s body.

“He had a fight with mom and dad”

In support of the new reconstruction there would be the testimony of brother minor of Saman, also entrusted to a protected structure for Minors of the Reggiano area. Listened to by investigators, the boy would have confirmed the hypotheses of the investigators claiming that, on the evening of the alleged disappearance, the 18-year-old would have heatedly discussed with his parents about the arranged marriage with his Pakistani cousin. An opposition that, according to the recent developments of the investigation, the young woman would have paid dearly for a price. The papers confirm this: “In the night between April 30 and May 1 there would be a quarrel with the parents. This is because the girl refused to marry her cousin in Pakistan and the father and mother wanted to prevent the removal.“, as he had already done in the summer of 2020, when he reached Belgium.

It uncle Danish – defended by lawyer Lalla Gherpelli – would be “the material performer“of the crime committed in competition”material and moral“with Nazia and Shabbar Abbas, who, interviewed by Resto del Carlino on Saturday, said that”the daughter is in Belgium“and that he, on returning to Italy”on June 10“, it would have “clarified everything with the carabinieri“. But that was not the case. Now, all that remains is to find the corpse of Saman: a Muslim girl with the forbidden dream of freedom.

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