Weather: WEEKEND, from the AFRICAN HEAT to the TEMPORAL RUSH OF HAIL FORECASTS Saturday and Sunday

WEEKEND, HOT Saturday at the TOP, then FURIATA of TEMPORALS and HAILLet’s get ready for a first course weekend in June two-sided. In fact, if the first part will be characterized by a hot African, the second will see a sudden as the protagonist outburst thunderstorm and the danger of hailstorm.
But let’s go in order.

In the next few days theAfrican anticyclone Scipio will succeed in causing the first real phase of summer heat on Italy, but nevertheless, this time too, he will not be able to maintain his influence over all of Italy for too long. In the second part of the weekend, in fact, thehigh pressure he will literally get stabbed by an insidious one disturbance thunderstorm which will affect various regions in particular in the Center-North. It will be the umpteenth confirmation of an atmosphere that is not entirely stable which, on balance, has been with us since the beginning of spring and which struggles to find some lasting tranquility.
Also next weekend, at least in part, is therefore destined to be characterized by a context capricious which will force us, “for a change”, to hold a umbrella handy.

The day of Saturday 5, however, it will give us completely summer flavors. The African heat it will in fact be at its peak, with temperature which will exceed the 30°C on many regions of the country also shrouded in generous sunshine. They will do exception only i Alpine sectors, the Northwest and Tuscany where the sky will be gradually more covered over the course of the day, with some thunderstorms that could already affect the Alpine borders.

It will be the prelude to one Sunday 6 where the meteorological framework will suffer a backlash, due to the passage of a thunderstorm disturbance. Already during the festive morning we will have sulky skies on all the North and over much of the Center and with the passing of the hours they will become more and more frequent showers e temporal, even of strong intensity.
The most active phase of the bad weather however, it will be made explicit in afternoon, when the contrast between hot pre-existing andfresher air and unstable connected to the perturbation, it will become more marked, causing the outbreak of forts temporal, often also accompanied by sudden gusts of wind, hail, storms and local phenomena swirling (beware of the danger of tornadoes).
Always in the afternoon some instability note it may go as far as some corners of the Campania more northerly, while on the rest of the South the day will pass much more calm and dry.

A reflection on temperature: because of bad weather will decrease again at North and on many sections of the Center, while al South the values ​​will still be from midsummer.

Strong thunderstorms risk for Sunday 6 June, especially in the Center North

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