Virtus Bologna-Brindisi game 3 78-75, the bianconeri fly to the final – Sport – Basketball

Virtus Bologna-Brindisi game 3 78-75, the bianconeri fly to the final – Sport – Basketball
Virtus Bologna-Brindisi game 3 78-75, the bianconeri fly to the final – Sport – Basketball

Bologna, 2 June 2021 – Juventus triumph. It is the feast of the Italian Republic, but it is also the feast of the Juventus fans who celebrate the return of Virtus Bologna, after 14 years, in the final.
In a Segafredo Arena that embraces the warmth of its fans, about 2500 those present, Aleksandar Djordjevic’s team still beats the Happy Casa Brindisi per 78-75 and qualifies for the very final Scudetto. The opponent will be Olimpia Milano who got the better of Venice in the other semifinal. After 37 years, the Scudetto final is back between Virtus and Olimpia. The first race will be Saturday 5th June.

Despite the limited audience, the atmosphere at the Fair is that of great occasions. Always maintaining the rules of social distancing and the mask to be kept inside the plant, the fans begin to crowd the stands from 17 following the access signs. Banners, choirs and cheers even in the pre-match during the warm-up. There is a desire for normality: for the Bolognese public to return to cheer, for the players on both sides to hear applause and / or whistles and not to live anymore, never again that muffled atmosphere with which to too many months we had to play.

Virtus and Brindisi fight each other on the field. Djordjevic confirms the starting quintet of race-2 Markovic, Abass, Belinelli, Ricci and Gamble, while Vitucci chooses a light formation keeping Krubally in the stands, immediately launches Harrison in the quintet starting from the bench Bostic and then deploying Thompson, Harrison, Gaspardo, Willis , Perkins. Brindisi wants to run and finds 4 of his first 7 points (2-7 at 4 ‘) right on the break. A fantastic Teodosic enters and immediately lights up the scene scoring 7 points in a row for the Black Vu who also put their heads forward.

The defenses dominate the attacks with the two teams scoring with the dropper. At 10 ‘Brindisi ahead 13-17. Pushed by Harrison, the Happy Casa flies to +11 at 16-27, but Virtus gradually returns to shorten the distance, returning to -1, at 28-29, thanks above all to Gamble and Teodosic, before closing at -3 , 37-40 at the interval.

On the return to the field the Black Vu chases and then puts the arrow moving forward. A long and beautiful head-to-head begins between the two teams with breaks and counter-breaks that overturn the score.
A very emotional last room it starts with Belinelli’s triple and continued with the great balance on both sides of the pitch. At 37 ‘Teodosic’s triple is worth 69-69.

The Virtue dominates in rebound, raises your defensive tone, while in attack the free to Teodosic (29 points and absolute dominator of the challenge) e Hunter they dig the decisive furrow with the Bianconeri ahead 74-69 with 1’14 ”from the end. The rest is pure formality.

The match report

Virtus Bologna 78 SEGAFREDO


VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA: Markovic 6, Abass 2, Belinelli 11, Ricci, Gamble 11; Teodosic 29, Alibegovic 1, Straw 3, Weems 9, Hunter 6; Adams ne; Nikolic ne. All. Djordjevic.

HAPPY CASA BRINDISI: Thompson 11, Harrison 15, Gaspardo 14, Willis 7, Perkins 5; Udom 4, Bostic 10, Bell 7, Zanelli 2, Visconti; Cattapan ne, Motta ne. Herds Vitucci.

REFEREES: Mazzoni, Bartoli, Borgioni.

NOTES: partial 13-17, 37-40, 55-53

Two-pointers: Virtus 17/42; Brindisi 14/33. Three-pointers: 6/19; 11/33. Free throws: 26/35; 14/19. Rebounds: 47; 36.

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