Disability and frailty in Milan: the consultation “tailored to each person” starts up

Disability and frailty in Milan: the consultation “tailored to each person” starts up
Disability and frailty in Milan: the consultation “tailored to each person” starts up

Either all or none“. L’archbishop of Milan thus explains the initiative “Christian community and disabilities“. Monsignor Mario Delpini adds: “The scandal is not disability. But denying the promise of love that God makes from every man. Love is not what it looks after in order to create addiction. But what it takes care of. So that the freedom of the loved one grows. Until the fulfillment of his vocation to love ”. There Ambrosian church established the diocesan council “Christian community e disability– Either all or none “.

In the parishes of Milan

The organism goes into operation today. And it will have the task of soliciting the Christian communities. At the parish and dean level. To fight any form of exclusion. Abandoning a welfare and pietistic approach. Develop a new outlook on people with disabilities. For this, in the consultation their voice is directly represented. In fact, among the members there are Claudio Freschi. Father of three children, one of whom has a disability. IS three people with disabilities. Federica Francescutti. Bartender and assistant in the kitchen of theoratory of the parish of Sant’Ambrogio di Cinisello Balsamo. Marco Turati. Soccer player and manager of the Stella Azzurra sports club, of the same parish. Livio Cattaneo. Musician and player in the sports club Bresso 4.


They will work with them professionals with different skills. And referents of some important diocesan ordinary pastoral services. Service for catechesis. School. Caritas Ambrosiana. Fom and Csi. As well as some third sector organizations. Which have matured specific attention to spiritual formation of their users and guests. Pio Institute of the Deaf, Lega del Filo d’Oro, Anfass.


Sister Veronica Donatello, in charge of the National service of people with disabilities of the CEI: “The Italian Church, from the Second Vatican Council to today, has first favored insertion and integration. Then theinclusion of people with disabilities. Because he recognizes the same in them dignity of individuals and citizens. Inclusion is fostered through the industriousness of our dioceses. Of the associative realities. And of the Congregations in the educational, pastoral and working fields “. And he continues: The world of disability is so broad that it is important to be able to have a unitary view. Putting the different perspectives together. The answer to be given to people cannot be unique. But diversified depending on your needs. Word and care must go hand in hand. There cannot be one without the other. It must always be done with competence“.


Don Mauro Santoro he is the new president of the council. The priest has been holding the position of spiritual assistant to the Peppino Center “Vismara”. For the don Carlo Gnocchi foundation. Says Don Santoro: “With ours orientation work we have a specific goal. We would like to make sure that every person with disabilities can feel actively involved. And, within the communities to which you belong, live your own journey of faith. And of knowledge of the gospel. In the light of which he offers his specific testimony unique and unrepeatable to which it is called “.


The new body will do its job transversely within the diocese of Milan. Trying to raise awareness of each specific pastoral area to attention in confrontations of children. Guys. Young people. And adults with disabilities. With particular frailties present in the various communities. In a relationship of dialogue with the parishes, associations and civil institutions. The consultation also intends to spread a true one culture of inclusion. That you consider the demands and needs of the most fragile people.

I listen

Monsignor Delpini underlines: “The scandal is not disability but deny the promise of love that God does to every man. Say to the boy, to the girl: ‘You will also be great in the kingdom of God, but you cannot enter here. Why you don’t know how to climb stairs. You cannot hear this word, because do not hear. You cannot read this book, because you cannot see. You can’t come here, because your behavior is unacceptable. Your temper is unbearable. Your incomprehensible language. We are loved with a love that it makes us capable of loving“. (source InTerris)

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