“We are among the top four” – Corriere.it

“We are among the top four” – Corriere.it
“We are among the top four” – Corriere.it

The France it is the strongest, but it is the England of the golden youth the one that is worth more on the stock exchange (1.32 billion euros), ahead of Deschamps’ own cockerels, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Italy, which Mancini painstakingly designed after suffering meditations, is only sixth with 764 million according to the valuations of transfermarkt, a kind of bible for those who operate on the market even if the crisis due to the pandemic has flattened the values ​​and certain numbers now leave the time they find. The economic ranking, which should go hand in hand with that technique, does not worry the blue coach. The national team, reborn from the ashes of a failed World Cup and strong of its small records, has the ambition to amaze: from captain Chiellini to Jorginho, who has just won the Champions League with Chelsea, everyone is convinced they can reach the end. Mancini put his face to the wind at Raisport: «We are among the top 4 together with world champion France, al Portugal champion of Europe and Belgium first in the Fifa ranking ».

The choices

Italy chosen by blue commissioner is a mosaic of 11 teams without a well-defined block. Juventus, the most represented, has 4, but only 3 are potentially owners. Compared to that of Conte, who five years ago in France came out in the quarterfinals against Germany but only after penalties, he is a year and a half younger (27.4 against 28.10 the average age) and more talented, but it will be necessary to see if she will have the same hunger. Mancini did an extraordinary job, putting the burden of failure on his shoulders in 2018 and restoring the blue color. But the European is the real first exam.

The Rose

The squad, since the days of Conte, has been revolutionized: they are sonly 7 veterans of the French campaign in the group of 26, extended to Pessina, the only reserve that will remain until 10 June, the eve of the inaugural challenge with Turkey, because there are many injuries, especially Verratti and Sensi and the atalantino can return to the game. Mancini struggled in the last skimming. Politano and Pessina himself joined the group and left in the space of two days. It is a multitasking, eclectic, hungry and hopefully carefree Italy. Based on dribbling and courage. Solid in defense and prolific in attack. Mancini thinks back to the magical nights of Italy ’90 and he is convinced that in these three years of work his group has come so far as to be able to play with anyone.

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The symbol of “contismo”
Owners and reserves

A national team divided neatly between owners and reservists. If making the list official was a torment, the coach has long since found the hard core, a team of 14 elements considering three ballots: between Spinazzola and Emerson Palmieri in the left lane in defense, between Immobile and Belotti in the center of the attack, between Chiesa and Berardi on the right wing, even if Spinazzola, Immobile and Chiesa are ahead. It remains to understand the role of Raspadori. With his last call, many opportunities are closed for Bernardeschi, which on the band is the last in the ranking, but has been appreciated as a false nine. Now in attack there is a fair amount of crowding and we’ll see how many positions the Sassuolo rookie will climb.
The Azzurri have ten days to rediscover the intensity and quality of the game that characterized the left-handed period. We miss the champion who makes the difference. Stretcher with 65 million it is what is worth more. Donnarumma, on which PSG has fallen, is evaluated 60 even if he can leave Milan at zero. The strength is in the collective. In March, in qualifying for Qatar 2022, the team had taken a step backwards in terms of spectacle, but one step forward in terms of concreteness. A summary would be auspicious. The group is not easy. But returning to the evaluations of transfermarkt, our three first phase rivals are behind us: the Turkey, the richest and most dangerous, is worth 325 million on paper, less than half of the blue group.

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