Flights, Italy second most searched destination in Europe

According to the most recent Destination Travel Demand Report of Lybra, the searches for flights to European countries have increased by 54.6% in the last 30 days, going from 68.1 million to 105.2 million searches. Precisely, of the 180 million searches made around the world in the last thirty days (April 29-May 29), 105 million were for direct flights to Europe. More than half of the travel intentions, that is 58.3%, are for the Old Continent, while the remaining 41.7% is divided between North America (15.7%) and the remaining geographical areas (26.0%).

The European area seems to be the real protagonist of the travel world at the moment, not only for its market share, but also for the significant growth recorded: while in the rest of the world the rate of change in the last thirty days is 13.7%, for Europe is 54.6%, going from 68.1 million to 105.2 million searches. This increase in interest from travelers certainly is linked to the improvement of the health situation, to the easing of restrictive policies of individual countries and to community policies and national projects designed to stimulate the tourism sector. Furthermore, thanks to the rapid spread of vaccines, Europe has seen a sharp decrease in the number of infections in recent weeks, the largest decline compared to any other region.

But this performance is as surprising as it is delicate: the vaccination rates of many countries (especially the highly tourist ones) are not yet high enough and the risk of an upper hand of the new variants is just around the corner. For this reason, even in the face of a revival of local economies, national crisis management bodies are loudly shouting caution.

The countries that have contributed most to this surprising growth are those of southern strip, also thanks to the imminent opening of the summer season. 54.4% of the differential is attributable to the performance of Spain, Italy and Greece; share that reaches 72.1% with Portugal and France. To a lesser extent, but still with excellent results, Germany and Turkey are also among the countries with the greatest growth.

Spain is the European destination most searched for by travelers from all over the world: with 20.7 million searches alone it represents 19.7% of total European searches: in reality the peninsula has maintained this primacy for many months, thanks also to the decision to reopen the archipelagos of the Canary and Balearic Islands to tourism already in spring . Most likely Spain will keep this supremacy strong, considering also that it was the first nation to implement a major reduction in restrictions, but in recent weeks he slowed down its growth which, currently, is + 1.0% on a daily average.

Italy, on the other hand, seems to have finally embarked on the road to recovery and, after having experienced the spring months with minimal values, the interest of travelers has greatly increased. Searches have more than doubled during the last thirty days, from 6.3 million to 12.3 million flights searched, while the growth variation of the last two weeks is 33.9%. Also in this case, the decrease in restrictions and the national programs for the restart of tourism have affected the recovery of flows: today Italy is the second most searched destination in Europe, with a market share of 11.6%.

In third place among travelers’ choices, Greece, a country observed special for the tourism world, as a precursor of the recovery plans of the sector: it was the first to organize, in February of this year, a tourist corridor, as it was the first to plan vaccinations in order to restart tourism from the Covid-free islands. Today Greece is open to tourists (vaccinated or test negative ones) anticipating, together with Croatia and Cyprus, the European Union which has not yet issued its Green Pass. In the last thirty days, 10.3 million flights have been searched, more than double compared to the same previous period (+ 103.9%), while the growth variation of the last two weeks is 30.1%.

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