The power of realism (and the spirit of June 2nd). So now Italy can restart –

The power of realism (and the spirit of June 2nd). So now Italy can restart –
The power of realism (and the spirit of June 2nd). So now Italy can restart –

We are all returning from the hardest period of our life. Time will tell whether or not this test represented the high point of our cycle. For the vast majority of nurses and doctors, this was certainly the case; for the ruling classes less, with the usual exceptions that confirm the rule. We certainly understood one thing. If the pan-syndicalism and politicization of the 1970s proved to be a dead end in history, Margaret Thatcher was not right when she opened the reflux and retreat into the private sector of the 1980s by arguing that society does not exist. Society exists indeed. It produces pandemics and its antidotes. Except for a few idiots, emphasized by social media, almost all of us understood that each of us was also responsible for the salvation of the other. We are social animals, and when we cannot behave as such we are doomed to suffer. Many of us have been affected in affection and work; and not even those who have not had direct losses and damages can say that they have passed through the disease unscathed; because no one, perhaps not even those who have taken refuge in tax havens, can be truly happy in a suffering society. June 2 is the only Italian civil holiday in which everyone now recognizes themselves.

And not only because the monarchists by now almost do not exist, while the anti-fascists who refuse to celebrate April 25 are more and more, even in the polls. 75 years after the referendum, the Republic considered a fait accompli. President Sergio Mattarella did well to recall that the balance, despite dramatic shadows, is certainly positive. Italy in 1946 was a country devastated by not only physical rubble. He had lost the war wherever he fought it, regardless of the valor of the soldiers. It had become the battlefield of two opposing armies, with the population divided between the two fronts. Yet the moral strength of the Italians gave rise to a redemption, which in less than twenty years made a defeated country one of the richest in the world, crossed by energies that made it an avant-garde in the arts, cinema, technology and science.

Today the great directors and artists are almost all dead, Olivetti and other industrial groups they no longer exist, Italians are consumers of cultural, technological and health products (including vaccines) produced and conceived abroad, almost always outside Europe. For thirty years our country has grown little and badly. The 2008 crisis, which passed from private finance to public budgets and the productive economy, hit hard. The pandemic did the rest. However, it was precisely the unnatural blockade of these fifteen months that made us aware of how much our country depends on the global world: from exports, which are doing very well, to tourist flows, which are slowly starting up again. Mario Draghi speaks of trust, which is different from optimism: optimism is a gift, a feeling, an attitude; trust is based on facts. And in Italy on June 2, 2021, many are beginning to be seen that can inspire confidence. The most important, as always, is the talent of the Italians to undertake, start over, rebuild. But our mothers and fathers rebuilt the country after the war also because they knew how to give themselves a ruling class.

The post-pandemic crisis has produced a large parliamentary majority, which with ups and downs so far has held up. it is clear that it will not be able to and should not last forever It will not be easy to reform the tax authorities with the Democratic Party who wants to reintroduce the inheritance tax, the League that does not give up the flat tax and Berlusconi who proposes to reduce the maximum rate of personal income from 43 to 33%. The apology letter from a former political leader is enough to make justice reform possible. Yet this is an opportunity to identify a few clear common rules, destined to survive the majority changes that will come, even on topics that do not exceed popular expectations such as the rules of voting and politics. It is not true that there is no time, because there are other priorities. the opposite is true. The parties will have more strength and legitimacy to carry out reforms (including institutional ones), if the government they support is able in the coming months to respond to the two most urgent issues: work for young people; the protection of small – entrepreneurs, artisans, traders – crushed by the crisis and by the giants of the Net exempt from taxation. The spirit of June 2 is more than hope for the moment; a chance. Making it real does not depend on the virus, on Biden, on China, if not in a small part; it mostly depends on us.

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