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SUN, HOT AND AFA FROM THURSDAY TO SATURDAY – Apart from some disturbances characterized by the transit over Italy of a weak unstable impulse on the day of June 2, the next few days will be characterized by the presence of a high pressure field of sub tropical matrix that will bring summer weather on the Peninsula with conditions also of stifling heat on some areas. The only doubt concerns the duration of this phase, which is why we do not go beyond Saturday. Just Sunday 6th June in fact we could and the conditional it is still a must to deal with a weather failure and a thermal drop in the central and northern regions.

THE TIME OF THE NEXT DAYS: very little to report in terms of time, the high pressure will bring prevailing sun on the Peninsula with a few minor exceptions. In fact, some more consistent densification should be noted, especially in the central hours close to the Alpine reliefs with some rain or thunderstorms, especially on Friday. Some diurnal phenomena along the Apennines are not excluded, but they are really sporadic. For the rest, the sun prevails with some clubs cloud cover on the Tyrrhenian belt but not particularly incisive.

LE TEMPERATURE they will start to climb as early as Thursday but the hottest days will be Friday and Saturday. Expected peaks even higher than 31-32 ° C this time widely over Italy, from North to South, not a taste just for someone in short.

THE HOTTEST DAYS: will be the hottest days of this wave. Peaks of 32-33 ° C between lower Piedmont Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, 32 ° C also in Tuscany and Umbria, slightly lower on Marche and Abruzzo. Still hot in Sardinia but with a slight drop on Saturday. Temperatures also rising in the South, peaks of 31-32 ° C between Puglia and Basilicata. Conditions of stifling heat will affect all the Tyrrhenian areas, the Valpadana and the Major Islands.

FOLLOWING DAYS: if the unstable weekend phase is confirmed, temperatures will begin to drop on Sunday starting from the central-northern regions. It will be a modest decrease, but the values ​​will still remain very mild.

For more forecast details, consult the specific weather section in Italy.

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Temperatures expected in the next few days. Here are the graphic details.

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