Italy celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Republic, an institutional ceremony also in Genoa

Italy celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Republic, an institutional ceremony also in Genoa
Italy celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Republic, an institutional ceremony also in Genoa

Genoa. Exactly 75 years ago the first universal suffrage referendum was held in our country, a consultation that would have sanctioned the birth of the Italian Republic. An anniversary that is also celebrated in Genoa with the traditional ceremony a Doria palace Spinola, seat of the Prefecture.

They are overall 27 citizens who are distinct over the years for the constant commitment, the earned work merits and the dedication to social and humanitarian initiatives awarded today during the celebration. The ceremony, in compliance with the anti Covid-19 regulations, began at 10.30 with the raising of the flag and the reading of the message of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

The prefect Renato Franceschelli then proceeded to deliver the Honors of Merit of the Italian Republic. Among the acknowledgments, operators from the health professions, police forces, public aid and voluntary work “who – reads the note from the prefecture – have ensured their precious commitment to address the critical issues related to the epidemiological emergency context”. The prefect also presented medals of honor for the citizens who were deported and interned in the Nazi concentration camps.

“The conception of a common good, more important than any particularism, led us to be convinced part of the European Union, an essential element of our own national identity “, underlined the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, speaking to the diplomatic corps accredited in Italy.

“The terrible experience of the pandemic and its effects made it evident the profound interdependence of the destinies of our peoples: only effective forms of coordination have proved useful in countering and defeating it ”. Mattarella continued. “This cooperation supports the opportunities offered by a new season of recovery and rebirth, civil and economic. A new beginning for an international community that wants to successfully face the challenges of the sustainability of life models and the fight against inequalities – he added -. To this end, I would like to invite you to find the many reasons for a shared commitment, which does not diminish the differences, but unites the efforts of all against the enemies of humanity ”.

“The progress made by the Italian Republic in these seventy-five years it has been extraordinary. A sharing of values ​​and perspectives with the numerous nations with which we have cooperated accompanied us. It is this dimension of multilateralism – rooted in our Constitution – that has expressed the authentic vocation of our country: to contribute to creating a world in peace, in which the rights of the person and of peoples are fully implemented, according to rules adopted by the international community. . These are inalienable and indivisible rights. Any act of force against them damages the cause of peaceful coexistence and the serene development of relations based on respect for international law ”.

The birth of the Italian Republic, in 1946, also marked a new beginning: the construction of a common house, based on the free signing of a citizenship pact by citizens and, for the first time, by the townspeople. On the rubble the Italian people, the peoples of Europe, the peoples of the world, proposed not to repeat the mistakes of the past. We have not always succeeded. But the push to renounce war as a tool for resolving international disputes was then, and remains, robust and strong. It is an unfinished plan, for which to multiply the common commitments. With this conviction and in this perspective, I wish everyone a happy Italian Republic Day ”. With this reflection, the president closed his speech to the diplomatic corps accredited in Italy gathered in the courtyard of honor of the Quirinale.

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