” In Italy you can throw yourself on the ground, in Europe … ”. It is freezing between Bonolis and Chiellini

” In Italy you can throw yourself on the ground, in Europe … ”. It is freezing between Bonolis and Chiellini
” In Italy you can throw yourself on the ground, in Europe … ”. It is freezing between Bonolis and Chiellini

“Here is Chiellini who rejects with his head and throws himself that it seems that he was shot from the stands .. this can happen in Italy, I don’t know abroad”. Paolo Bonolis thus made fun of the Juventus captain, in his monologue during the presentation of the national team a Blue Night.

Always in the eye of the storm when it comes to Juve. Paolo Bonolis continues to remove a few pebbles from his shoes against the bianconeri. Among the protagonists of Notte Azzurra, the Rai program in which the National Italian preparing to participate in the next European championships. The TV host, a huge Inter fan and one of the guests of the evening, made fun of in particular Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus captain, underlining his alleged attitude to the “easy dive”.

True star of the evening, he joked with everyone, reserving jokes also on the Inter Interista Barella and on the landlord Amadeus criticized for the choice to host the Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo in Sanremo last year and not the Nerazzurro Lukaku. At a certain point, however, here is the jab to captain Chiellini. These are the words of Bonolis: “Let’s imagine we are five minutes from the end of Italy-Germany, we are winning. Everyone is holding their breath, in the bars there is a chilling silence, at home everyone with nails on the sofa hoping to resist the forcing of the Germans . Imagine Chiellini who pounces on the ball with his head and pushes back, then collapses to the ground … No, certain things only in Italy.. The direction took off from Chiellini who smiled a little embarrassed, avoiding replies.

A joke to underline the criticisms received in the last season by Chiellini for having accentuated the effects of the contrasts with the opponents, especially in the match against Inter. The defender reacted with a smile, a predictable choice given the party atmosphere of the evening. But as has happened several times in the past, Bonolis’ words have sparked i tifosi, in particular those Nerazzurri and Bianconeri who have sided for or against the conductor, as always on the other hand. The comment was not liked by the Juventus fans who on social networks lashed out at the conductor, who allegedly used an evening organized for the national team to attack Juve once again. Inter-Juventus in short, it never ends

In addition to the previous embarrassment, Bonolis then completed the evening by commenting on the failure to call Moise kean, excluded from the squad by coach Roberto Mancini: “He was summoning Kean, he can summon Carlo Conti, alluding to the skin color of the PSG attacker and the infamous tan of the conductor. An exit that unleashed another social storm.

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