Ciampi’s plaque: Azelio and poor Itaglia | Massimo Gramellini

Ciampi’s plaque: Azelio and poor Itaglia | Massimo Gramellini
Ciampi’s plaque: Azelio and poor Itaglia | Massimo Gramellini

Dear employee of the Management Office for Installation and Maintenance Placement Plates of the Municipality of Rome (UGAIMTTCR for friends), I would like to express the solidarity that scapegoats deserve.

As no one knows better than you, the inauguration of largo was scheduled yesterday Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

They were all there: the band, the anthem and the President, who should have discovered a plaque. I say he would have, because in reality the only discovery was that the plate in Azeglio was missing the g, e Sergio Mattarella returned to the Quirinale before they took it away from him too, making him even more serious than he is.

To hide the gigantic figure of a palta, the Municipality of Rome announced urbi et orbi (especially orbi) that the plaque had been chipped. And while, in an impulse of originality, a collaborator of the Raggi insinuated the thesis of the conspiracy to discredit the mayor, certainly hatched by Crusca, an internal investigation identified the culprit of the big bang: she, who now risks disciplinary sanctions and the transfer to other offices where knowledge of all consonants is not required.

Dear employee, I refuse to believe that he acted alone. Behind thatAzelio there are at least ten bureaucratic steps with relative stamps and it is not fair that one pays for all. Repent, report your accomplices, send them back to first grade. Receive an award, I assure you. They gave it to Brusca, and for much more serious things.

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Ciampis plaque Azelio poor Itaglia Massimo Gramellini

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