“Le Iene”, discovering the world of “Sugar babies” and “Sugar daddies”

Young women attracted to rich men that, in exchange for their time too sexual performance, they ask for expensive gifts. It is about the Sugar baby and of Sugar daddy, a phenomenon that has also taken hold in Italy especially following the pandemic. “Hyenas“tell who these are men and women who meet on an online platform dedicated to them.

To better understand who these girls and these wealthy men are, Stefano Corti the correspondent of the program Italy 1 she signs up for the dating chat and starts talking to some of these girls. They are very young and they all ask for gods expensive gifts to meet even just for lunch or dinner. The rate goes up when girls are asked for more, including sexual performance. But “Le Iene” don’t stop at chats and decide to meet some of them pretending to be interested. “I would like gifts for every time. To sleep I’d rather do it when I finish high school. For an afternoon a bag and a pair of shoes are fine ”, this is the request of a 19 year old. However, many of the girls contacted are keen to clarify one thing: “I am not an escort“.

However, the encounters are not limited only to girls but also to men. Age varies, both can be found on the platform 50s and 35s, the common factor is that they are all very wealthy because they are able to afford the demands of the women they meet. There are those who are willing to pay because they say that in everyday life they cannot find any such beautiful women, and those who say that a sincere relationship will be established between them without great pretensions sentimental.


Iene discovering world Sugar babies Sugar daddies

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