bottles against the police. Other agents attacked “Fight club” in the center

bottles against the police. Other agents attacked “Fight club” in the center
bottles against the police. Other agents attacked “Fight club” in the center

The “malamovida” of the very young, almost all of them minors aboard minicars, has moved to Piazza Santa Caterina della Rota for four weeks, a few steps from Campo de ‘Fiori. Virgil’s students began: music from the “ball” speakers, alcoholic cocktails in glasses, then the gathering – which after sunset and in full curfew time becomes an en-plein-air disco – became a fashion and other groups, “more bold and aggressive” tell the residents, joined from all over Rome, especially from Ponte Milvio.

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Result? Hundreds of teenagers rule the square. It is no coincidence that here in the late evening of Tuesday the police, while intervening to disperse the maxi-gathering, were “greeted” by a throw of bottles and objects. It had already happened at midnight on Saturday and a few days earlier the same treatment had been reserved for municipal patrols complete with a paper bomb. The agents of the Celio and the Interior Ministry during the escape of the children, therefore, on Tuesday evening, they stopped a fifteen-year-old who was reported for damage to state assets (a police car was hit), resistance to a public official and dangerous jet of things, as well as sanctioned for non-use of the mask. The boy has been entrusted to his parents but for him the new commissioner Mario Della Cioppa is also evaluating the application of personal prevention measures, starting with an oral warning, a prelude to heavier measures, a sign that from now on also certain attitudes will no longer be tolerated towards minors.

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Not only. As discussed in the prefecture, some “corrections” to the nightlife plan, “new operating schemes”, will be adopted in the next few days; translated: those already experimented with the ultras. In Piazza Santa Caterina della Rota a fixed garrison and a “dynamic” joint control will arrive (yesterday in the early afternoon, for example, there were the brigade to fine the minicars in wild parking) but, more generally, they will be taken in loan of public order methods used above all at the stadium: plainclothes agents of the scientific police on the spot to film the behavior of the violent and, subsequently, review the images to identify the most rowdy and, possibly, understand if they are recidivists. In short, the action of the police and municipal authorities will no longer have to be limited to an intervention with flashing lights on to make the crowd flow away with the risk of activating forensics and reinforcements when the “violent” have disappeared, but in those hottest places – such as Piazza Santa Caterina della Rota – the device must already be prepared. And complaints and sanctions will have to follow.

Waiting for those of the forensics, however, there are already photos and videos shot by traders and residents of the square and neighboring streets. Images that will flow into a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for which a signature collection is underway. The scenes are a slap in the face to those who respect the anti-Covid rules: music that makes the buildings tremble, choirs (but also threats to the ladies looking out from the balconies and to the priest of the church who asks for silence), verbal attacks on those who come down in the evening to I walk with the dog … «One night I found them dancing on the roof of my car and they damaged it», says one inhabitant, «they are all children, but together they are scary. They go to Campo de ‘Fiori to buy alcohol and then come here to drink and scream ».

The bar on the square is forced to close early fearing that the fines will then be triggered against him, there are those who believed that the music came from them. The malamovida, therefore, has launched its challenge. And, in the meantime, the Carabinieri del Trionfale are investigating a mysterious beating against a 22-year-old student who ended up on Monday night in the emergency room of the San Pietro sulla Cassia: “I was attacked for no reason while I was walking,” he told the doctors. But the suspicion is that the gangs of Ponte Milvio have returned to clash in front of the bars of Via Flaminia. Always after 11pm.


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