Reopens the border between Italy and Switzerland Free health zone

Reopens the border between Italy and Switzerland Free health zone
Reopens the border between Italy and Switzerland Free health zone

Como Swiss entering Italy in Ponte CHIasso, customs, tampons, quarantine

(Photo by Andrea Butti)

  • Wednesday 02 June 2021

The border reopened

between Italy and Switzerland

Sanitary free zone

The announcement by the parliamentarian Alessandro Alfieri (Pd) and the exultation of the League: the obligation of the swab for Swiss residents within 60 kilometers from the border falls. Measure immediately in effect

The border between Italy and Switzerland is unlocked. Yesterday, the parliamentary of the Democratic Party Alessandro Alfieri announced the expected turnaround, a sort of free health zone will be established, in fact Swiss citizens residing within 60 kilometers from the border will not be asked to show the certificate of a tampon made in the last 48 hours as was the case until now. The measure is already in force, there were many merchants and restaurateurs from Como as from tomorrow the Swiss citizens have the bridge linked to the Corpus Domini feast. .

“Finally now it’s official: Swiss citizens, residing within 60 kilometers of the border, will be able to come to Italy, for a maximum of 24 hours, without having to undergo a swab – says Senator Alfieri – A decision that finally gives breath to the economy of border. In the same way, Italian citizens will be able to cross the Swiss border ».

A sigh of relief for many Italian and Swiss citizens, but above all for businesses, in particular those linked to the trade and catering sector that can return to welcome Swiss customers who have always played an important role in the local economy .

“It is an important result for trade, for services and for those with affections that cross the border – continues Alfieri – I worked until late Tuesday evening with the technicians of the Ministry of Health to obtain the reopening and I thank the Minister Roberto Speranza for the collaboration. This is a result of the commitment of the Democratic Party and its representatives in the border territories ».

The Lega also underlined the work done on this issue. “It is an important achievement for trade, services and for those with affections that cross the border. Great League teamwork winning an important battle. Finally, the restrictions are removed and citizens will be able to move freely, even for family meetings “say in a joint note the parliamentarians Silvana Snider, Matteo Luigi Bianchi, Eugenio Zoffili and Stefano Candiani, the undersecretary of the Interior Nicola Molteni, the MEP Alessandro Panza, Fabrizio Turba and Massimo Sertori, respectively undersecretary and councilor in the Lombardy Region with the vice president of the Lombardy Regional Council Francesca Brianza.

Alessandro Fermi, president of the regional council, had also written to Minister Speranza to request the reopening, receiving a solicitation from Confcommercio Como. And Giovanni Currò himself, a 5-star parliamentarian, has long worked to unblock the situation.


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