«Here Italy is made»: the podcasts start with Coppi and Bartali

«Here Italy is made»: the podcasts start with Coppi and Bartali
«Here Italy is made»: the podcasts start with Coppi and Bartali

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It is around the image of Gino Bartali that for a few seconds wins over the rival Fausto Coppi in that mythical Tour of the Rebirth of 1946, with an Italy still intent on licking her wounds but ready to leave, which develops the first episode of “Here Italy is made», The original podcast on Italian history conceived and produced by Lorenzo Pregliasco and Lorenzo Baravalle, available on Spotify.

Born with the aim of telling young people about the past who have not lived it, to understand the events that have happened but also who we have become today, “Here Italy is made” takes up the challenge of retracing our history in 8 episodes, each with an authoritative guest, alternating great events with curiosities, anecdotes and popular culture. A fresh and engaging story that, on the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the referendum of 2 June 1946, could not but begin with the birth of Italian republic: to help the authors in the first episode is Sabino Cassese, who above all clarifies some key aspects relating to the writing of our Constitution. But in the first episode there is space also for well-known events and not, like the delays of the counting of ballots in the referendum or the history of the mother of the journalist Giampaolo Pansa, who wanted to let the world know that he was going to vote for the first time at the age of 43.

«June 2 is the first moment in which the new Italy took its first steps: we necessarily had to start from there “, Lorenzo Pregliasco tells the Ansa,” we tell not only that historic day, but how did it come about and what were the consequences. We want to make it clear that the birth of the Republic was neither an easy nor a foregone conclusion, that there was the Resistance and the Liberation ».

To the historical context is added the reference to Tour of Italy, which in 1946 starts again after being stopped during the war: «1946 was a year of rebirth not only for the institutions, but also for culture, art and also for sport. And cycling at the time was precisely the most loved sport: that Giro represented the difficulty but also the desire to do it again. Just like it is happening today with the country he wants start living again after the pandemic ».

The following episodes will talk about theattack in Piazza Fontana with Benedetta Tobagi, of rights and laws on divorce and abortion with Emma Bonino, of the case Moro with Marco Damilano, by Sandro Pertini and del World Cup ’82 with Paolo Condò, Enrico Berlinguer and the last meeting in Padua with Walter Veltroni, the massacres of Capaci and via d’Amelio with Enrico Mentana, up to the descent into the field of Berlusconi of 1994 with Giuliano Ferrara.

How were historical events selected? “We have chosen what we believe were the events that marked a before and after, all those moments that have had more effects on our present, leaving important traces: I am thinking, for example, of the ’70s and the long road to rights , which is still discussed today », continues Pregliasco,« ours was one bet: to propose in an audio contribution of 30-45 minutes the story of what the children have not only experienced, but which they probably know little about. We want to make it clear, through anecdotes and curiosities alongside the facts, that what we see today is not so far from what happened yesterday. Remote things are close. And we asked the guests to try to create a story thinking of young people, to build a bridge towards them ».

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