Car market Italy 2021: in May registrations drop by 27.9% on 2019

Car market Italy 2021: in May registrations drop by 27.9% on 2019
Car market Italy 2021: in May registrations drop by 27.9% on 2019

The car market Italy 2021 closes the month of May with a 27.9% drop compared to the same period of 2019. As we know, the comparison with 2020 would not be correct as Italy was still struggling with the severe limitations due to the need to stem the spread of the virus danger. Returning to 2021, in the month just ended they were registered 142,730 registrations, about 55,000 fewer than two years ago.

This is the worst figure in recent months which highlights all the difficulties facing the Italian car market. March 2021 closed with 169,684 registrations and April 2021 with 145,003. According to ANFIA, FEDERAUTO and UNRAE this is proof of the importance of incentives for range 61-135 g / km of CO2 which for some time allowed the market to limit the damage. With the exhaustion of the available fund and therefore with the stop to contributions, the data rapidly deteriorated.

For this reason, the associations ask that adequate measures to support the sector find space in the conversion process of the Sostegni-bis Law Decree. Therefore, it is necessary to refinance for the current year, with an adequate budget, the incentives for the 61-135 g / Km range.

Returning to the data of May 2021, despite a particularly negative month, the very positive moment for electrified cars continues (hybrid, plug-in and electric). Indeed, hybrids (HEVs) reach a share of 28%. The Plug-instead, can count on a share of 5.4%, while the electric 3.6%. At the same time, the market shares of petrol and diesel cars collapsed. The former stop at 31%, with HEVs therefore very close, and the latter at 23.4%.

On the user front, private individuals drop by 19.6%, long-term rental by 21.7% and short-term rental by 49.9%. Companies recorded a drop of 18% and self-registrations of 49.4%.

Looking at the Group results, most of them show very important declines. The Stellantis Group it closed May with a decrease of 31.42%. The Volkswagen Group, on the other hand, by 20.51% and the Renault Group even by 53.47%. Very few positive signs. Volvo, for example, closed with an increase of 26.33%. Three-digit growth for Tesla but it must be said that in 2019 its sales volumes were much lower than the current ones. Furthermore, its deliveries are never constant.

With the auto market showing signs of great difficulty, it will be interesting to see how the government reacts and if some form of new comes along, I support.

[Fonte dati: UNRAE]

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