Brussels attacks Italy on layoffs: “The blockade is a mistake”

Brussels attacks Italy on layoffs: “The blockade is a mistake”
Brussels attacks Italy on layoffs: “The blockade is a mistake”

Brussels – The European Commission embraces the Draghi line on labor policy and gives a halt to the Democratic Party and also to the League which in recent days had joined the Democrats in the request to further extend the block on layoffs.

In the spring recommendations, approved yesterday in the collegial meeting of the community executive, there is in fact an explicit reference to the controversies that have taken place in Italy in recent days. “Policies such as the general ban on dismissal – the text reads – tend to influence the composition but not the extent of the adjustment of the labor market”. Basically according to the EU, preventing the return to a physiological situation in this sector does not lead to help but rather favors discrimination between workers. “Italy – observes the Commission directly – is the only Member State that has introduced an absolute ban on dismissals at the beginning of the Covid crisis”. Not only. The offices of

Brussels underline that the measure is in force for the entire month of June and that for some categories it has been extended until next October. “In practice – it is the most direct indictment directed against those who support the measure – mostly permanent workers benefit to the detriment of temporary workers such as temporary workers and seasonal workers”.

In short, Brussels offers its support to the position taken by Palazzo Chigi. And in addition to the reasons given in relation to the discriminatory effects between employees, it puts another consideration on the plate. “The comparison with other Member States that have not introduced a ban on dismissal – the commissioners insist – suggests that the measure was not particularly effective, indeed it was even superfluous”.

The judgment is expressed on the basis of the criterion of the average elasticity of employment in the EU: this is a parameter that measures the reactivity of the labor market with respect to economic changes. And the pandemic has indeed brought about a substantial change. Here, then, is that the European average was 0.25 in 2020 compared to the 0.24 recorded in our country. Then there are countries like Germany and France that have managed to contain the impact on employment without introducing “the absolute prohibition of dismissals”.

In conclusion, the European Commission completely rejects the Italian provision: «The prohibition of dismissal could even prove to be counterproductive. The longer it is in force, the more it risks being counterproductive because it hinders the necessary adaptation of the workforce to business needs ».

The EU, which in the same package invites Italy to control the debt. However, it grants the Draghi government a victory as regards the clash that has animated the majority in the field of employment policies.

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