Covid, vaccinations open to all age groups from tomorrow: how to book

Covid, vaccinations open to all age groups from tomorrow: how to book
Covid, vaccinations open to all age groups from tomorrow: how to book

“From tomorrow everyone will be able to book the anti-Covid vaccine. We can still accelerate our campaign to overcome this difficult season”, announced Health Minister Speranza the new phase of the vaccination campaign in Italy which begins tomorrow. From Thursday 3 June in fact everyone will be able to book the anti Covid vaccine, regardless of your age group.

The doses of vaccine available

“The doses available will be 20 million”, Figliuolo specified, and each Region will have to regulate itself on the number of doses, but what must “be avoided is the run-up between Regions to have more vaccines”. Meanwhile, today 2.5 million doses of vaccines along with 3.5 million Pfizer already in distribution, have been announced arriving this week in Italy. Tomorrow begins the distribution of about 370 thousand doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines and 1.7 million of Astrazeneca and on Friday almost 400 thousand doses of Moderna.

The point on vaccinations in Italy

Meanwhile they have arrived at 40 million (39.958.409 according to the official website of the Government) the vaccine doses distributed to regions throughout Italy. The data updated this morning say that 35,705,244 doses have been administered so far, equal to 89.4% of the total distributed, with 12,370,279 people (equal to 22.80% of the population over 12) who have completed the vaccination cycle.

Info and how to book the vaccine

In fact, so far reservations have been open to various categories, such as the frail or health workers, and then on the basis of age. From tomorrow, however, as the special commissioner for the Covid Emergency Figliuolo announced yesterday, everyone will be able to make an appointment for vaccination. The arrangements for reservations will change from Region to Region, based on the progress of the vaccination campaign.


Covid vaccinations open age groups tomorrow book

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