White zone throughout Italy from 21 June, except Valle D’Aosta – Chronicle

White zone throughout Italy from 21 June, except Valle D’Aosta – Chronicle
White zone throughout Italy from 21 June, except Valle D’Aosta – Chronicle

Rome, June 2, 2021 – TheItaly it will soon turn white, thus returning to breathe almost normalcy. With the sole exception of the Valle d’Aosta, in fact, starting from 21 June all the Regions Italians could in white area. Always, of course, that the decline in contagion (which continues steadily with -27% of cases in the last week) does not reverse its course (here is today’s bulletin).

But according to today’s data, from all Italian regions – except the Val d’Aosta – the signs are positive and have dropped to aincidence below the risk threshold of 50 weekly cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. By law, three consecutive monitors are needed, with this criterion, to allow a Region to gain the scenario with fewer restrictions, without curfew. But let’s see the calendar step by steb, or when each region could enter the much desired white area.

Visits to relatives and friends: differences between the white and yellow areas

From 7 June

After monitoring last Friday, they have already entered the white zone Sardinia, Friuli Venezia Giulia e Molise. While the next report from the control room, expected on Friday 4 June, will certify the white zone the following Monday for Abruzzo, Liguria, Veneto and Umbria.

Limit of 4 people at the table: government-Regions summit

From 14 June

If everything continues in this direction, i.e. the curve continues its descent and vaccinations maintain the current trend, from 7 June there would be a further seven days to go. Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Apulia, Emilia Romagna and Province of Trento.

White area, how many in the car: the new government Faq

From 21 June

And then a final rush. Almost. The monitoring of the day after tomorrow will in fact trigger the countdown for seven other regions, which will enter their first report with an incidence below 50, thanks to tomorrow’s data (those evaluated by the Control Room): Sicily (today’s weekly incidence of 50 cases per hundred thousand), Market (42), Tuscany (42), Province of Bolzano (49), Calabria (48), Basilicata (44) e Campania (49). After two more monitoring below the threshold, therefore, these regions will also go blank, hopefully, on Monday 21 June, reaching the others.

White zone: the guidelines of the Regions

June 21 will also be the day the curfew (which will pass on the 7th at midnight) will still be removed from all over Italy. There will not be very many, therefore, at that point the differences between the white area and the yellow area.

Valle d’Aosta

Only there remains Val d’Aosta, which still has an incidence of 61 per hundred thousand: in all likelihood it will end up below 50 in the monitoring of June 11, to be declared a white zone Monday 28 June, after two more reports.

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