Rugby: Rovigo champion of Italy – Rugby

Rugby: Rovigo champion of Italy – Rugby
Rugby: Rovigo champion of Italy – Rugby
In a final forbidden to the faint of heart, the Femi-CZ Rovigo surpasses the rivals of all time in the 170th Derby d’Italia, bringing the title of Italian Champion number 90 to the showcase.

An incandescent atmosphere hours before at the Plebiscito of Padua, with the two fans ready for a challenge awaited for the whole season. It begins with the kick-off of the Femi-CZ which recovers the first ball trying to move it vertically: the test on the defensive wall of the hosts is challenging, in a prolonged possession closed by a drop of Menniti-Ippolito that comes out wide on the right. On the re-start Bacchetti wrongly baptizes the aerial trajectory and gives a touchdown in attack to the tuttineri: the Bersaglieri are on the piece and punch up, but Lyle is very inspired and with an extraordinary displacement kick finds a throw-in one centimeter from the flag. The launch is perfect, on the developments it is Cugini again to regain possession of the oval for the winning penetration with a winning touch validated by the TMO. Lyle himself transforms from a very decentralized position for 7 to 0 which breaks the balance at 8 minutes.

The reaction from Rovigo is vehement, with Paduan guards widely solicited around the breakdown by the very high direction of Antl: Galetto and Tebaldi have electric hands and on two occasions they steal the ball in very dangerous situations. Around 20 ‘Rovigo unleashed: good work of the backs who avoid the front with good hands finding the foul in favor that Menniti Ippolito converts in the first 3 points for his team. Not even the time to put it on the scoresheet that Vian is pinched in a held on the ground just outside 22: Mitrea is inflexible and for Lyle the 10-3 is really an easy game. On the second half, however, there is immediately a Petrarchine foul: the tackler does not roll away and Menniti Ippolito does not hesitate calling the posts, with impeccable ballistics for 10 to 6 which keeps the tension very high.

The initiative is always from Rovigo: Padua defends by retreating, Antl aims for the first useful slot and slips in creating the right crossroads for the goal under the poles of number 8 Ruggeri at 32 ‘, with Menniti Ippolito converting for 10- 13 of the overtaking while Padua pays a further pledge with the yellow whistled at Tebaldi. In the final, the Argos attempts remain too timid, Rovigo has the eye of the tiger and returns to the attack: there are two scrums just outside the home 22, with a winning engagement that leads to the Paduan foul, Menniti Ippolito is merciless and from position central sends to target the +6 that sends the teams in the locker room.

No change between the two teams in the break, at the resumption immediately intervention of the TMO requested by Mitrea for suspected high tackle by Borean, but the prop is cleared and the match restarts without penalties: the Argos has a worse attitude in attack, with effective forward in scratching the ground up to 22 for the escape of Tebaldi who finds space and throws on the outside in numerical superiority, Cioffi is however very attentive and harpoons the assist resolving the issue without damage. First changes decided by the two benches, the exit of Swanepoel puts the first Polesan line in difficulty, which suffers the impact of the one in the black jersey. Rovigo is forced into trench warfare, Tebaldi manages the times and the newly entered Faiva discharges all the energy to the ground for the goal that with the conversion is worth the new overtaking on 17-16 at minute 55.

The two coaches shuffle the cards with further changes, but the impact of Faiva on the match is remarkable while the rossoblu defense decreases in physical intensity allowing long phases in attack and a penalty that Lyle realizes in the 26th minute for the 20 to 16. Last 10 ‘: the Femi-CZ is in reserve and can no longer get out of his territory, but belly to the ground earns a good advancement with the defense forced to foul in favor within the 22.

On the developments Cadorini has a good ball on the right corridor, but the grip of the Paduan tacklers leaves no way out and the goal fades close to the flag. Heart over the obstacle, Rovigo moves the ball and legs looking for the decisive gap in a defense that he holds, however, Trussardi and Antl vary the front without interruption by pitching the curtains inside the 22 blacks and 2 ‘from the end the continuous pick’n’ go under the poles takes the breath away from the audience on both sides.

With time expired Greef charges like a wounded buffalo, crushing on the goal line: Mitrea has a doubt and calls the TMO but in an unreal silence the decision is for the goal. The Rovigo public explodes, the Petrarca players put their hands in their hair, the three whistles proclaim the Femi-CZ Rovigo Italian Champion with the final score of 23-20 after the conversion of Menniti Ippolito.

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