“Politics on tilt, may not be his last June 2” – Libero Quotidiano

“Politics on tilt, may not be his last June 2” – Libero Quotidiano
“Politics on tilt, may not be his last June 2” – Libero Quotidiano

Was this the last 2 June of Sergio Mattarella?“. The question is that Lilli Gruber addressed to his guests in the episode of Half past eight which began shortly after the head of state’s speech. Who from the Quirinale spent important words to close the Republic Day: “Seventy-five years have passed since, with the vote in the referendum of June 2, 1946, the Italians began to build a new history. Even today we are at a turning point in our path after the two great global crises, the economic and financial one and the one caused by the pandemic. As it was then, this is the time to build the future”.

Responsibility that for now rests with the government of Mario Draghi, but what will happen next February, when Mattarella’s mandate expires? Alessandro De Angelis a Half past eight he tried to outline a possible scenario: “This should have been his last 2 June, also because he has repeatedly excluded, even publicly, a second term. Moreover his encore would be the second in a row at the Quirinale (after that of Giorgio Napolitano, ed) e it would represent a kind of transformation into a monarchy. After that it must be said that the political system is sufficiently crazy, so we cannot exclude that in the event of a new impasse an encore from Mattarella may occur ”.

Also because at the moment Draghi as prime minister is Italy’s best guarantee in Europe: “Now the question that arises outside national borders – he declared Silvia Sciorilli Borelli of Financial Times – is what will happen if Draghi is elected to the Quirinale in February. With all the reforms that need to be done and with the Recovery Fund being the main objective of the current government, what happens if Mattarella leaves and Draghi takes his place? Europe’s hope is probably that Draghi will remain at Palazzo Chigi ”.

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Politics tilt June Libero Quotidiano

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