Top10: Rovigo is champion of Italy

Top10: Rovigo is champion of Italy
Top10: Rovigo is champion of Italy

After a very tense match, Casellato’s team triumphs 23-20 at the Plebiscito with the goal at the last second by Carel Greeff, who brings the 13th championship to Rovigo.

Rovigo ph. Massimiliano Carnabuci

An incredible ending, with an even more incredible ending. Rovigo solves it, Carel Greeff solves it after an assault on the sword that once again, as against Calvisano, brings Casellato’s team to success. Marcato’s Petrarca arrives one step away from the title after an extraordinary championship, but the final leap was missing against a team that has relied on experience, clarity and heart.

At the kick-off it is Rovigo who immediately takes over the match: possession and many phases, but Petrarca’s defense responds very well under pressure. Menniti-Ippolito tries the drop but the ball goes wide to the side. After 5 minutes of freediving the hosts take possession of the oval without finding progress, relying on Lyle’s foot to put the opponents in difficulty several times. At 8 ′ the English extreme finds a great throw-in with 50:22, on the next maul Petrarca breaks through and finds the marking at the flag with Cugini, despite the excellent attempt by Trussardi who for a moment seemed to be able to save everything . Lyle converts for a 7-0 win at the first useful opportunity.

As in the semifinal, Rovigo is still in the orderly scrum, which allows you to conquer free kicks and advancement: however, once you reach the red zone, the 22 line becomes a wall. Marcato’s team defends, tackles and waits for the right moment to get their hands and regain the oval. Often after recovery the ball is immediately kicked into the opponent’s half, a sign of a precise choice to play more on the territory than on possession. To complicate the plans, however, comes the exit of Cugini, who forces Carnio to enter much earlier than expected.

The game is very intense, Cioffi with a great play triggers the lightning restart from his 22 in Rovigo: offload for Coronel who finds the support of Trussardi and brings the action back to the half of the Petrarca who grants a free kick, transformed by Menniti-Ippolito. Not even the time to catch his breath but a naive penalty arrives, granted for Vian’s offside on a faulty reception from kick-off: Lyle is perfect and brings the lead back to 7 points.

After a first part without fail the discipline begins to lack on both sides. Menniti-Ippolito shortens again with a kick from the 10-meter line, then Antl finds a splendid hole forcing Tebaldi to commit a foul that costs him the yellow card. Surprisingly Rovigo plays fast and Ruggeri goes to mark in the middle of the posts for 10-13. Rovigo would still have the opportunity to insist, but on the development of the attacking action Trussardi commits an avoidable foul by belting Broggin around his neck, with Mitrea limited to a free kick. At the end of time Rovigo earns another kick from an orderly scrum, with Menniti-Ippolito closing the first half at 10-16.

At the start of the second half, Petrarca plays the charge, Tebaldi with a great play escapes Vian and almost misses the offload that Bettin would have sent in the goal, thanks to the great tackle of Menniti-Ippolito and the interception of Cioffi. Marcato tries the Faiva card, while the changes on the front line change – only temporarily – the balance in the scrum, allowing the hosts to earn a free kick. You go into touch and inside the 22 Petrarch smells the blood, Tebaldi triggers the charges of the forwards, then you go pick-go and finally the scrum half opens on Faiva who marks in the middle of the posts for 17- 16.

Compared to the first fraction, Marcato’s boys play for possession, effectively removing fuel from Rovigo’s engine. The mistake of the newly entered Borin on Lyle’s football gives a very dangerous scrum inside the 22: the rossoblùs have however put things back in the package and asphalted the opposing front line. The oval, however, is constantly in the hands of Petrarch, who with another exhausting multiphase puts the Rovigo defense on the ropes, forced to grant the penalty of 20-16.

The last minutes are an assault by Rovigo, while Petrarca defends without going to contention at the meeting points to create greater density on the line. The people from Rovigo then try to rely on Antl’s flare-ups to widen the game. The finale is for strong hearts: the forwards try, once, twice, three times, then Greeff seems to find the right angle with a huge charge. Mitrea relies on the TMO – which certifies the unique movement of the South African in the act of marking – and assigns, at the last second, the goal that decides the championship.

The match report of Petrarca-Rovigo 20-23 – ’20 / ’21 Scudetto final

Petrarca: Lyle; Coppo, Colitti, Broggin, Bettin; Zini, Tebaldi; Trotta (cap.), Cannone, Catelan; Galetto, Bonfiglio; Pavesi, Cugini, Borean
Available: Braggiè, Carnio, Mancini Parri, Beccaris, Ghigo, Navarra, Faiva, Panozzo
All. Marked

Mete: Cugini, Faiva
Transformations: Lyle (2)
Free Kicks: Lyle (2)

Rovigo: Antl; Cioffi, Coronel, Uncini, Bacchetti; Menniti-Ippolito, Trussardi; Ruggeri, Lubian, Vian; Ferro (cap.), Canali; Swanepoel, Nicotera, Leccioli
Available: Cadorini, Pomaro, Brandolini, Sironi, Greeff, Borin, Cozzi, Visentin.
All. Casellato

Goals: Ruggeri, Greeff
Transformations: Menniti-Ippolito (2)
Free kicks: Menniti-Ippolito (2)

Arb. Marius Mitrea (Udine): Construction works
AA1 Andrea Piardi (Brescia), AA2 Matteo Liperini (Livorno)
TMO: Stefano Roscini (Milan)

Francesco Palma

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