Acuto, the “Roma, caput mundi” project is back: the two days

Acuto, the “Roma, caput mundi” project is back: the two days
Acuto, the “Roma, caput mundi” project is back: the two days

The project finally returns: “Roma, caput mundi” to the elderly center in Acuto, suspended due to the Covid pandemic, two days of programming have been established, next Friday and Sunday, at 16.30. The artistic direction and organization is by the director Fernando Popoli who will introduce the theme of the meetings and present the cinematographic contributions.

«Films about ancient Rome will be viewed, there will be two interventions by experts: Eugenia Tamburri, actress, musician and mass media scientist, will talk to us about music in the Roman era; Massimo Sergio, actor and journalist, will introduce the character of Agrippa, a native of Arpino, consul and military commander explains Popoli The following will be followed by a guided tour of the Imperial Fora, contagion permitting, a theatrical show interpreted by the elderly, entitled: “Citrullus” , a single act of Popoli who will also take care of the direction and a party in Roman period in costume with dances and libations ».

Admission is free and is reserved for all people over the age of sixty. Rome, caput mundi is financed by the Lazio Region, Department of Social Policies, Horizontal Subsidiarity Area and Third Sector.


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