The remains of the Indonesian submarine that sank in April will not be recovered

The Indonesian government has given up on the recovery of the remains of the RI Nanggala 402 submarine, which sank with a crew of 53 at the end of last April during an exercise about 100 kilometers off the north coast of Bali. The submarine was found on the seabed at a depth of about 800 meters and broken into three parts.

In the past few weeks, Indonesian recovery teams had made about twenty dives, with the help of some Chinese teams. They had managed to take photographs and the remains of the submarine, but not recovered the bodies of the crew members. Noting the difficulties in exploring the area, the Indonesian authorities have decided to close the activities without attempting new recoveries.

The KRI Nanggala 402, built in Germany in 1977, was one of five submarines supplied to the Indonesian navy. On 23 April he was conducting a torpedo drill about 60 miles off the north coast of Bali, but at some point he had stopped communicating. Traces of fuel had been found near the position he was in before he dived, suggesting damage to the tank.

International search missions had been organized to find the submarine, but immediately the Indonesian navy had feared that the submarine had gone too deep for the crew members to have survived.

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