Prodi at La7: “Me at the Quirinale? First of all, I’m no longer a child and then I wouldn’t represent the whole country”

“Why can’t my name be used for the Quirinale? First of all I am no longer a child. If Mattarella, who is two years younger than me, says it’s a bit late for him …“. Thus, a “Tuesday” (La7), the former Prime Minister Romano Prodi motivates his refusal to become President of the Republic, adding: “There is also a deeper reason. I have never been, I believe, violent or partisan. I have always had precise and coherent ideas, which I have never changed. Then, I can hardly represent the whole country. And then, in short, I liked being the Prime Minister. All right?”.

Prodi analyzes the current socio-economic situation: “Where are we now? We have positives and negatives: the situation is certainly not nice, we have had tragic months, job loss. In recent times, all the world forecasts, US and EU, and therefore also Italian, have moved. We are in a situation of transition in which the recovery should begin. Of course, let’s be clear: recovery is possible if no health problems occur, because so far the ups and downs of the economy have been absolutely driven by the ups and downs of the pandemic ”.

Answering a question from the director of Free, Alessandro Sallusti, who accuses the fiscal policy proposed by the secretary of Pd Enrico LettaProdi explains: “But note that the matter of inheritance is a small reflection in a totally broader context. A nice trap has been made for Letta, but it is not a policy direction“.
And to the conductor Giovanni Floris who observes that the word ‘taxes’ is a taboo, the former prime minister replies: “But, excuse me, are you now going to be a linguist? Now the problem has changed. Biden talked about taxes and nobody laughed. Indeed, we had the 10 richest in the US who said: ‘But do you know that maybe he’s right?’“.


Prodi La7 Quirinale longer child wouldnt represent country

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