Engineer from Catania kidnapped in Haiti, asked for a ransom of 500 thousand dollars – Sicily

The family has been notified by the foreign ministry

Giovanni ‘Vanni’ Calì from Catania, 74, the engineer kidnapped in Haiti. The site writes it. He was councilor for public works for the Province of Catania, since 1995, led by Nello Musumeci, and then mobility manager of the same body. Appreciated engineer, he was also a sub commissioner for the lava ash emergency during the violent eruption of Etna in 2002.

Graduated in Catania, Calì then specialized at the Polytechnic of Turin. He has alternated professional roles in companies (he was a manager of Cogei and head of mission in Togo for Staim) with managerial positions. At the Province, engineer Calì was a manager (Territorial Planning, Civil Protection and Transport) for a decade, until 2011. Before returning to the field as a “professional entrepreneur”, as he likes to define himself, with a construction company specializing in ‘abroad. The family has been notified by the foreign ministry.

A ransom of 500,000 dollars would have been asked for the release of the Italian engineer Vanni Calì, kidnapped yesterday in Haiti. It is learned from sources that follow the story.


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Engineer Catania kidnapped Haiti asked ransom thousand dollars Sicily

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