the bulletin of June 2, 2021

the bulletin of June 2, 2021
the bulletin of June 2, 2021

Sicily, with 289 cases, is the third region for the number of new infections in Italy. Out of 13,571 swabs processed on the island in the last 24 hours, 2.12% tested positive. In one day the balance of the current positives marks a -790 (8,698 in all), while in the box of the healed there is a +1,063. Another 16 people died, with the tragic toll which, in Sicily, rises to 5,855 from the beginning of the pandemic to today.

The complete report in pdf format

On the hospital front, 421 people were hospitalized for Covid in ordinary hospital wards (-30 compared to the previous day), while 47 beds occupied in intensive care (-9) with 3 new entrants. These are the data contained in the bulletin released by the Ministry of Health on the basis of data processed by the regional civil protection.

If on the one hand the red zone in Lercara Friddi has ended, from today it will be the citizens of Prizzi who will have to respect greater restrictions due to the trend of infections in the municipality. The red zone remains in Geraci Siculo (and also in Scordia in the Catanese area) until next 10 June. From midnight between 2 and 3 June, as decided by the Region, they will be able to book the vaccine for all Sicilians aged between 16 and 39 years.

Data by province

According to the data collected by the Civil Protection this is the distribution of new cases in the island (in brackets the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic): 31 in Palermo (69,176), 112 in Catania (58.881), 37 Messina (26.378), 25 in Syracuse (16.279), 13 in Enna (6.182), 8 in Trapani (13.798), 25 in Ragusa (12.590), 8 in Caltanissetta (11.471) and 30 in Agrigento (11,678).

The point about the vaccination campaign

Overall, 2,624,299 doses of the 3,042,702 delivered on the island were administered in Sicily (data updated to 6.08 of 2 June 2021). This is the distribution by age of inoculated vaccines, between boosters and single dose (the number is indicated in brackets considering also the first doses): 48,953 for the age group 20-29 (78,350), 62,811 group 30-39 (98,648), 105,809 range 40-49 (221,763), 167,052 range 50-59 (334,293), 180,451 range 60-69 (343,367), 176,547 range 70-79 (312,899), 219,967 over 80 (251,472), 9,105 range 16-19 (12,742 ).

Coronavirus, the bulletin from Italy

• New cases: 2,897;
• Cases tested: 65,900;
• Swabs (diagnostic and control): 226,272;
◦ molecular: 120,026 of which 2705 positive equal to 2.25%;
◦ rapid: 106,246 of which 191 are positive;
• Currently positive: 210,050, yesterday 225,751;
• Hospitalized: 5,858, 334 fewer than yesterday;
• Hospitalized in intensive care: 933 of which 33 new, 56 less than yesterday;
• Deaths after a positive swab: 126,283;
• Total positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic: 4,223,200;
• Total discharged / recovered: 3,886,867.

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