“Tomorrow a summit”, measures towards revision – Libero Quotidiano

“Tomorrow a summit”, measures towards revision – Libero Quotidiano
“Tomorrow a summit”, measures towards revision – Libero Quotidiano

A sensational “eviction notice” a Roberto Speranza. In fact, we learn that tomorrow, Thursday 3 June, the government has convened a technical table to address the issue of the maximum limit of four people at the same table in the restaurant, even in the white area, the crazy measure desired at all costs by the Minister of Health. and torn in the latest coronavirus emergency summit.

Measure, frankly, inexplicable, especially because it is indiscriminate: as mentioned, even in the white area. Measure that aroused the ire of restaurateurs, already massacred during the last and very long year. It also sparked a bitter controversy in the government: they explicitly took a stand against Speranza Maria Stella Gelmini and also Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of M5s in Health.

And it is in this context, therefore, that we arrive at the technical table of which we learned today, Wednesday 2 June. A technical table that in all probability moves towards revoking or revising this limit, as otherwise he would not have been summoned. In particular, against the measure (also requested by the CTS), all the center-right forces, which consider it too restrictive. In short, Speranza seems destined to take a hard blow: the majority, in fact, have their pockets full of their obsession with restrictions and closures.

Sileri, who spoke in the morning to Un giorno da pecora on Rai Radio 1, said: “I hope the limit of 4 seats at the table in restaurants and public establishments will soon be revised, I think the time has come and I am among those who were for more seats allowed at the table. I would increase to 8-10 seats, and then liberalize in early July “.

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Tomorrow summit measures revision Libero Quotidiano

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