“The relationship with her was disastrous …”

“The relationship with her was disastrous …”
“The relationship with her was disastrous …”

Loredana Bertè, the ex-boyfriend Mario Lavezzi today is another day: «The relationship with her was disastrous …». The singer-songwriter recalled i highlights of his career and his private life. Interviewed by Serena Bortone the singer-songwriter talked about his professional growth in the Milan of the 60s and 70s talking about the meetings with the great artists who then created together with him masterpieces of Italian music. And the relationship with Loredana

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Mario Lavezzi talks about his relationship with Loredana Bertè to which he has been professionally linked for some time, also collecting many successes. “We had a sentimental relationship which then also resulted in the professional field. But I must say that from a sentimental point of view it was a real disaster. It was the period of free love, of communes, so our love was free too. We had parallel stories while we were together. When I met her I already had a girlfriend, then Loredana upset everything».

Lavezzi explains that he was impressed by his energy, then confesses that he was upset by his relationship with her. He then tells about the first meeting with Loredana in a club: “I played her a song I wrote, she liked it and I left her a tape, then she left for a photo shoot and when she came back, love was born.”


Then he tells of his meeting with Mogol and Battisti with whom he shared many successes. Lavezzi tells Battisti as a very precise, very set person: «The choice of tones, the arrangements, was very precise in his work. He chose everything very meticulously ». On his political ideas he denies the fact that he was right-wing: “It was a period of political commitment, but he chose not to take sides and everyone thought he was right-wing but he wasn’t.”

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