The brother of the child dissolved in acid: “How can you ask me to forgive Brusca?”

The brother of the child dissolved in acid: “How can you ask me to forgive Brusca?”
The brother of the child dissolved in acid: “How can you ask me to forgive Brusca?”

Palermo – “We cannot forgive Brusca, he never apologized to us, but even if he did we wouldn’t apologize anyway. Killing an innocent child at that age, who could not even defend himself, is a horrendous crime ”. So to the Agi Nicola Di Matteo, brother of Giuseppe, strangled by Giovanni Brusca on 12 January 1996 in the Giambascio district, in San Giuseppe Jato (Palermo), and then dissolved in acid, comments on the news of the release of the boss, author of 150 murders and massacres.

Of all his crimes, the greatest stir has always caused the massacre of Capaci, in which Giovanni Brusca he pressed the remote control which blew up the highway, and precisely the crime that saw as a victim, after more than two years of imprisonment, Giuseppe Di Matteo, kidnapped and then killed by Brusca because he was the son of the repentant Santino Di Matteo. “We did not expect them to harm a child – he continues the forty-year-old Nicola Di Matteo – we couldn’t think that. Giovanni Brusca ate at our house, my brother and I were little and we saw him with our father. How could he I really don’t know what he did to Joseph. So no one asks me to forgive him ”.

The day he was kidnapped, November 23, 1993, he remembers, “I was at home with my brother, we had lunch together, then he went out and never retired ”. The relationship with the repentant parent is good, but “I never talk about this story with my father, I had a bit of anger towards him because he frequented and had relations with these people and thanks to him this situation occurred . I cannot forgive both on one side and the other even though my father helped the state and the state gave this gift to Brusca ”.

He also intervenes on the question the archbishop of Monreale, Michele Pennisi. “I know the trail of blood and pain that Brusca left behind. Many of his crimes were committed in the territory of my diocese. Christian conversion is one thing, collaboration with justice is another. There must be no confusion between repentant and converted ”, says the prelate at work in commission created by Pope Francis in the Vatican for the excommunication of the mafias. “Brusca’s feelings are not known”, continues Pennisi, who claims to be “emotionally on the side of the victims who need the truth of justice”.

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