Saman, the turning point from her brother: killed by her uncle with the complicity of her parents

Saman, the turning point from her brother: killed by her uncle with the complicity of her parents
Saman, the turning point from her brother: killed by her uncle with the complicity of her parents

The material perpetrator of the murder would have been his uncle, Danish Hasnain (33), but, according to recent investigators’ reconstructions, it was the whole family who wanted the death of Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old of Pakistani origin who disappeared in Novellara ( Reggio Emilia) on the night of 1 May and whose body has not yet been found. A murder “wanted” by Saman’s own parents – Shabbar, 46, and Nazia Shaheen, 47 – who would not accept the girl’s constant refusals to marry a cousin in Pakistan.

The testimony of the brother

The turning point on the investigation would come from the testimony of his 16-year-old brother, currently protected in a secret location (probably a community). The minor would have confirmed the first reconstructions of the prosecutors, according to which in the night between 30 April and 1 May Saman was taken to a camp by her parents and there immobilized and attacked by her uncle. The same uncle would also have taken care of making the 18-year-old’s body disappear with the help of two other people captured by video surveillance cameras a day earlier (April 29 at 7.15 pm) as they head with a blue bag, two shovels and a foot of pigs to the fields where Saman’s family worked.

Saman, resumed the search for the Pakistani girl with the help of dogs: it is suspected that she is buried in the fields

Upcoming interrogations
In the next few days both the victim’s brother will be heard – the sixth investigated in the proceedings together with his parents, uncle and two cousins ​​-, the only Abbas to remain in Italy after the 18-year-old’s disappearance; both Ikram Ijaz, one of the two cousins ​​who allegedly concealed the victim’s body. Ijaz was arrested in Nimes in France and will be heard today by a French magistrate at the request of the prosecutor Laura Galli who is coordinating the investigations of the Reggio Emilia carabinieri.

The stance of the Islamic community
Meanwhile, UCOII (the Union of Islamic Communities of Italy) also expressed itself on the matter, which on its website announced that “it will issue – in concert with the Islamic Association of Imams and Religious Guides – a fatwa against forced arranged marriages and the equally tribal custom of female infibulation ”. The fatwa is the explanation of Islamic law regarding a specific issue, in this case arranged marriages.
«The UCOII strongly rejects this type of conception of the female condition and of people’s lives in general – reads the note -. These are behaviors that cannot find any religious justification, therefore absolutely to be condemned, and even more so to be prevented ».

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