from tomorrow Italy engaged in the 2nd Round

from tomorrow Italy engaged in the 2nd Round
from tomorrow Italy engaged in the 2nd Round

As is well known, the Azzurri are back from three defeats against Poland, Slovenia and Serbia; from tomorrow the opponents will be Bulgaria, Iran and Canada against which it will be necessary to show improvements with the aim of moving the ranking. The free rider of the blue group Fabio Balaso is aware of this:“We knew it wasn’t going to be easy; ours is a very young group in which there are numerous rookies who have never played together. It is therefore normal that it takes time, but now the ice has been broken, however, with three teams that are not easy, against which we could and should have done better. Of course we are not satisfied, but now we have the chance to make up for it in this second round which will see us face tough opponents ».

The blue then continues: «We don’t have to get anxious or frantic, we have to enter the field calmly with the aim of scoring as many points as possible. In my opinion, in the first three games we had phases in which we expressed a decent volleyball even if we then missed in the key moments, the final set in which the mistakes we made penalized us. We are aware of our potential and of the margins for improvement that exist, but it will be important to start reaping the fruits of the work done ».

Week 2

3 June

Germany-Argentina 10 am
Iran-Canada ore 12
Japan-Serbia 1.00 pm
Brazil-France 3 pm
Holland-Slovenia at 16
Australia-Poland at 18
Italy-Bulgaria 19.30
Russia-USA 9 pm

June 4th

Argentina-Slovenia 10 am
Netherlands-Germany 12 noon
Brazil-Japan 1.00 pm
Serbia-France 3pm
Iran-Italy 4.30 pm live La7
Poland-USA 6 pm
Russia-Australia ore 19.30
Canada-Bulgaria ore 21

June 5-

Holland-Argentina 10 am
Slovenia-Germany at 12
France-Japan 1.00 pm
Brazil-Serbia 3 pm
Russia-Poland 4 pm
USA-Australia 6 pm
Bulgaria-Iran ore 19.30
Canada-Italy 9pm


Brazil (3V, 9p.); France (3V, 8p.); Japan (3V, 7p.); Russia (2V, 7p.); Poland, Slovenia, Germany, USA, Serbia (2V, 6p.); Bulgaria (1V, 4p); Canada, Iran (1V, 3p.); Holland (0V, 1p.); Italy, Australia, Argentina (0V, 0p.).

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