“Only 4 seats per table in the restaurant? To be reviewed” – Libero Quotidiano

“Only 4 seats per table in the restaurant? To be reviewed” – Libero Quotidiano
“Only 4 seats per table in the restaurant? To be reviewed” – Libero Quotidiano

The reconfirmed limit of up to four people at the table is also indignant Pierpaolo Sileri, so much so that the first discontent can be seen in the Ministry of Health. “The limit, for greater safety, is still set at 4. I hope it will be revised soon because clearly it is very restrictive“, commented the undersecretary of health guest a A sheep’s day on Rai Radio1. But it is to the more explicit question, whether he agrees more with Speranza or with Gelmini, that Sileri leaves no doubt: “I am among those it was for the increase of the places at the table, I would increase the seats to 8-10. And from early July I would liberalize because we will have over 30 million people with at least one dose of the vaccine. “In short, the undersecretary is on the side of the Minister of Forza Italia.

Not surprisingly, according to a background provided by Corriere della Sera, the Minister of Health and the Minister for Regional Affairs on the subject have been quite disheartened. “THEthe limit remains in force in the yellow and white areas “, the exponent of Leu clarified, unleashing the anger of the blue:” This rule it needs to be changed“. On the side of Gelmini not only the governors of the regions, but also the League. Just the party of Matteo Salvini, more intransigent in terms of restrictions, he did not send them to say: “I asked Minister Speranza to avoid the ridiculous limitation of 4 at the table at the restaurant, indoors and outdoors, at least in the white areas”, because “it no longer makes sense“.

Il Carroccio, however, is also ready to fight another battle: that on the blocking of layoffs: “Yesterday I spoke with the president Draghi and with the president of Confindustria … it seems to me that the mediation proposed and reached by Draghi is absolutely positive. in October, protection for the categories most at risk and from June, for the categories that have no problem with dismissing but rather hiring, you have to leave total freedom of action for companies to hire “.

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