++ Vermezzo, maxi brawl with 150 people and shooting. At Fornaroli di Magenta a 21-year-old gunshot wound to the ankle

VERMEZZO – A maxi brawl with 150 people during which some gunshots were fired broke out last night around 11.00 pm in Vermezzo con Zelo, a municipality in the metropolitan city of Milan, with two people not seriously injured.

The Carabinieri of Abbiategrasso intervened after a report of scuffles in via Verdi and in the adjacent streets, presumably born for futile reasons. Upon their arrival, many people have moved away and during the first identifications, two security officers of a local reported having heard shortly before, the explosion of gunfire. During the inspection, three exploded shells and two intact bullets, all cal. 6.35, placed under sequestration.

During the night, around 1.30 am, the Emergency Department of the Magenta hospital informed the Carabinieri of the arrival of a 21-year-old Italian girl, uncensored, hit, presumably accidentally and unintentionally, in the right ankle by a gunshot by fire, compatible with those found shortly before, then discharged with a prognosis of 20 days. In the same hospital an 18-year-old boy with lacerated bruises to the face and head was treated, involved in the fight and discharged with a prognosis of 20 days. Investigations are still ongoing to understand what happened.

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